Monday, November 21, 2011

Dolly Wink F/W 2011 - Lashes and Brows! ♡

After months of waiting, it's finally out! The new Dolly Wink products finally went on sale today~ The packaging is less "cutesy" than the previous items, as it's supposed to be part of the grown-up/adult line. But it's still very lovely and the flowers add a girly feminine touch~! The key points for this lineup are the introduction of the eyebrow products and 2nd series of Dolly Wink lashes.

6 new lashes - 1,260yen each
The top 3 are upper lashes, the bottom 3 are lower lashes. As with previous lashes in the Dolly Wink line, the lashes come in 2 pairs per pack, and retail for 1,260yen per pack. The lower lashes look good!

I have to say that for this lineup, the lashes are really leaning towards the natural side, when you compare them with the 1st series of Dolly Wink lashes. That's not a bad thing, but with so many "natural" lashes out there, I'm not really digging these...However I haven't seen the actual products yet so I'll reserve my full judgement for when I've seen them! And, this line is supposed to be more "grown-up/adult", so the products are less gyaru and more neutral/everyday look-ish (especially noticeable in the lash designs!)

Right now, one of the reasons I like Dolly Wink lashes is that the lash strands are soft and fluttery, unlike the plasticky feel most lashes in the market have. And being handmade, the ends of every strand are thin/tapered while the base is thick. Though design-wise and overall product, Diamond Lash is still my number one choice

Onto the products! I've roughly translated the descriptions for the various products~

No. 9 - ナチュラルドリー (Natural Dolly)
Natural with a fluttery feel.
Giving the look of soft and gentle eyes, these lashes are natural and look like your own.
Tsubasa suggests pairing it with No. 12.
Has a transparent lash band.

I have to admit, these look really natural, actually the kind of "natural" I like, and not the so-called "natural" that a lot of lashes have claimed to be but don't really cut it for me! I think it's cos of the criss-cross design and lashes on non-uniform thickness/length? *loves* :D

No. 10 - スウィートキャット (Sweet Cat)
These lashes emphasize the feathery ends to give a bright cat's eye.
The lash has a design which can be used for everyday looks and for parties.
Tsubasa recommends using it with No. 13.
Lash band is black, not transparent.

To be honest, I don't like this type of lashes/look, not my kind of thing. A lot of "natural" lashes end up giving looks like this, but it's not my kind of natural as the strands are too parallel, thin and close together :/ Though some ladies out there may like this look.

No. 11 - ピュアスウィート (Pure Sweet)
With the darker center strands, this pair of lashes with give you perfect round eyes.
These lashes will look natural with any type of make-up.
Tsubasa suggests using this with No. 14.
Has a transparent lash band.

Too short for my liking, especially the outer ends...I really prefer longer outer ends and shorter inner ends. And this is too thin and parallel for my liking^^ Doesn't appear very natural to me!

No. 12 - フェミニンガール (Feminine Girl)
Giving soft volume, these lashes will make it look as if it's just mascara.
These lower lashes will effectively help you achieve tare-me (droopy eyes).
Tsubasa recommends pairing this with No. 9.
Has a transparent lash band.

No. 13 - ベイビーガール (Baby Girl)
With darker strands in the center, even without eyeliner these lashes will give you doll-like bright eyes.
Tsubasa suggests using these together with No. 10.
Has a transparent lash band.

I'm liking these; I like lower lashes that have gaps in between bunches, and these look like they aren't too long or too short :D And the bunches kind of spread/fan out instead of being straight, so plus points from me for that! Will definitely be getting these!

No. 14 - ナチュラルキュート (Natural Cute)
For a natural tare-me (droopy eyes).
Gives a natural and gentle impression.
Tsubasa recommends wearing these with No. 11.
Has a transparent lash band.

Hmmm, the inner half looks really similar to the inner half of No. 5 Real Nude from the 1st series, and I'm not liking the outer half...I do like No. 5 Real Nude though!

Eyelash case - 420yen
New eyelash case in purple!
Instead of polka dots, this has super cute little motifs like a carousel, mascara, a clutch.
Though I have so many lash cases, I feel like getting this! ♡

Eyebrow powder - 1,260yen each
In vivid colors, each palette has 2 colors to make a more natural finish.
Comes in 3 shades:

No.1 - ハニーブラウン (Honey Brown)
A honey brown that's a good match for people with lighter hair.
Brighten your facial expressions with matching brows.

No.2 - チョコブラウン (Choco Brown)
A choco brown that can easily match any hair color.
The two colors in the palette will help make 3-dimensional brows.

No.3 - ダークショコラ (Dark Chocolat)
Perfect for achieving adult-cute brows.
Make impressive brows with the 2 distinct colors.

Eyebrow mascara - 1,050yen each
Claims to be sweat and water-resistant, but will easily come off with warm water.
A film type brow mascara that comes in 3 shades:
No.1 - ミルクティー (Milk Tea)
A great match for blonde to yellow hair.
Will give brows a bright and impressive finish.

No.2 - モカ (Mocha)
Best for people with light brown to ash-colored hair.
The natural, warm colors on the brows will make your face cuter.

No.3 - ココア (Cocoa)
Good for those with brown to black hair.
Easily matches your real eyebrows for a beautiful and natural finish.

Eyebrow pencil - 735yen each
Soft tip, so that you can draw natural brows.
Comes in 3 shades:
No.1 - ハニーブラウン (Honey Brown)
A honey brown perfect for matching light-colored hair.
Naturally makes impressive brows.

No.2 - チョコブラウン (Choco Brown)
A soft and natural choco brown.
Good for pairing with a chic hair color!

No.3 - ダークショコラ (Dark Chocolat)
A dark brown that can easily match your own brows.
As the color is rich, lightly drawing lines will do.

Eyelash fix - 945yen each
New lash glues! Loving the tube colors/design :D
The pink on is standard, dries clear.
The black one dries black.

Can't wait to get my hands on these, though I bet it'll be a looong time before they start selling these here. Will definitely need to get a good look at the lashes before deciding on which ones to get, but will definitely try No. 9, No. 13 and a couple of the brow products! ♡


  1. Omg, the packaging and feel of the products are so different from the current line! I'm surprised Tsubasa is not using her 'milk bunny'(her singing stage name) look for the packaging. I really like her black hair look right now, she looks so sweet but a little bit naughty :P She's super pale though, which is why black hair suits her so nicely *totally envious*

  2. Wow I really love her new products. The more mature tone of them is really fresh. ^^

  3. Oh my. I want to buy 9, 12 and 13 so bad. :O Thank you for this post bb! :*

  4. I'm a new follower :3 Thanks for this post. Very informative hehe~ The new falsies look like the natural I like too. It's hard to find ones that aren't TOO dramatic even when it claims to be "natural". >.< AND NEW LASH GLUE! Woot^^ I can't wait either. I ordered their old polka dot one, but the place where I ordered it online never shipped it to me... that's the one thing I hate about ordering items online. =[ Anyway, pretty blog layout & keep the posts coming^^ <3

  5. @tabby ♥
    The first thing I thought when I saw the new packaging was whether it was really Dolly Wink :O I do think her looks are getting more clean and polished. For the old series, especially the lower lashes, she puts the lower lashes a lot lower than her real lash line, while still mascara-ing her real it looks better IMO :)

    @Kathetine Tealeaf ♥
    Yupp, she said she wanted to move away from the "artificial" look and go onto something more mature...but still girly :)

    @Marion ♥
    You're welcome~ :D I can't wait to buy anything so bad >< I really want to have a look at the actual products!

    @Vampii "v.v" ♥
    Hello :) Oh dear, that's certainly a bad thing of ordering online >< I'm kind of particular of ordering online, I'd check up on the site/seller before deciding to try them out. You never really know until you try! But online is a good way of getting products that aren't sold where you live :)


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  7. Hey love your post! Makes me really miss Japan :) I forgot how cheap the makeup is there! I really want to get the brow powders :) amazing blog!

  8. @Melissa ♥
    I'm not too sure either, since they're relatively new, they're not really available overseas yet. You could try Google-ing for sprees?

    @Cheryl (blushbook) ♥
    I love the makeup in Japan, awesome quality, awesome packaging, awesome prices~ :D Thanks!

    ♥ Karisa