Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lash Sightings in Kansai

Full display of Diamond Lash lashes at SBY in Shibuya 109 Abeno.
On top of the display are the top 3 best-selling types for each series.

Little Wink Series (green): [1] Muse [2] Wink [3] Honey
1st Series (dark pink): [1] Dolly [2] Fairy [3] Lovely
Volume Series (blue): [1] Celeb [2] Rich [3] Cool
Pure Series (light pink): [1] Girly [2] Beauty [3] Baby
Ready Glamorous Series (purple): [1] Cat's [2] Natural [3] Glamorous

Heavy Rotation lashes spotted at Pink latte, the colorful-ness attracted me!
01Doll, 02Rich, 03Natural, 04Baby, 05Pop, 06Pure

pa lashes.
Interesting to see as pa is a brand known for producing nail goods (polishes, stickers, stones, etc)

Nature is Lovely lashes, produced by Donki.
398yen for pack of 3 pairs, 148yen for single pair.
Don't know if they permanently cut prices or if it's a temporary promotion,
it used to be 598yen for 3pairs and 198yen for 1pair.

ageha lashes at MatsuKiyo.
ageha is a gyaru magazine.

GuriguLash and Ever Doll lashes at SBY.
Guri and Gura are twins that model for ageha.

One Way lashes, sold in packs of 3.
One Way is a 109 clothing brand.

Decorative Eyelash Minnie Mouse lashes! 380yen each.

Vanilla Birthday lashes, 980 yen per pack of 5 pairs.
There are 8 types in all, divided into 2 series: Sweet (pink) and Little Devil (violet).
They are produced by Ogura Yuko.

Suzuki Nana-produced Sugar Veil lashes, 980yen per pack of 5 pairs.
Suzuki Nana is a former Popteen model who now models for Edge Style.

Anmiel lashes, produced by Popteen model Kumikky.
1,050yen for a pack of 2 pairs. There are 3 types in all.

A Eyelash, produced by J-Pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki.
1480yen per pack of 3 pairs.

Brigitte lashes, fronted by ViVi model Rola.
1260yen per pack of 2 pairs.

Various Eyemazing lashes.
Some have been repackaged to include 5 pairs instead of the regular 3 pairs.

Luminous Change got a new look!
On sale at 999yen each, regular price 1155yen.

Eyelash Value Pack, 1260yen for 5 pairs.

Random lashes.

More Eyemazing lashes.

Luminous Change (top row) and Decorative Eyelash (bottom row)


  1. Seems like almost every model/singer has their own line of lashes now!

    i really want to try the decorative line of lashes

    1. Yeah, sometimes I think there's starting to be an over-saturation of lash types now! ><

  2. OMG...the heaven of false lashes....:)

    1. Love just going around and seeing what's new ^^

  3. Wow! There is so many different types of eyelashes! : D

  4. OMG those lashes are too many! >.<
    which brands you like to buy or recommend? I'm a beginner on lashes~

    1. You must try Diamond Lash, they're my absolute favorite! ♥ They're great quality and long-lasting (one pair can last weeks with daily wear), well-made (not too plasticky looking when worn), have a large variety to choose from and are quite value for money (1,050yen for 5 pairs)! ♥