Friday, May 11, 2012

Brigitte Eyelashes (and cosmetics)

Brigitte is a relatively new brand, produced by SHO-BI, the company that makes Diamond Beauty and Decorative Eyelash. Having debuted in late January this year, it is supported by VIVI magazine, and is fronted by Rola (She is really pretty!).

Their packaging is a sweet romantic mix of muted pinks, browns and lace!
So far their product line-up is quite extensive; and includes lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, blush, eyeshadow palettes and...eyelashes!

Blushes in 4 colors, 1,470yen each.
Pink, Peach, Rose, Orange.

Eyeshadow palettes in 5 colors, 1,575yen each.
OR-1, GD-1, PK-1, RD-1, AS-1.

Lipgloss in 5 colors, 1,050yen each.
Milky Pink, Pink, Beige, Pink Beige, Rose.

Mascara in 3 types: Curl, Volume, Base.
1,575yen each.

Liquid Eyeliner (1,050yen) and Pencil Eyeliner (1,155yen).

Eyebrow Duo (pencil and powder) in 3 colors, 1,365yen each.
Yellow Brown, Natural Brown, Olive Brown.

8 types of eyelashes! 5 upper and 3 lower. 1,260yen each.
No. 1 - Chiffon

No. 2 - Sweet

No. 3 - Innocent

No. 4 - Bouquet

No. 5 - Feminine

No. 6 - Flare

No. 7 - Doll

No. 8 - Coquettish


The prices of their cosmetics range is pretty average Japanese drugstore brand prices, on par with/even slightly less than Majolica Majorca or KATE. Prices for the lashes are leaning to the pricier side, the same as Dolly Wink and Liz Lisa, 1,260yen for 2 pairs. I really love the packaging though!

For more information, you can visit their website.


  1. Ooh never heard of this brand before, but Rola is one of my favorite models!

  2. wow these eyelashes look really amazing! it looks so natural on the models.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments