Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink/Red Bags ♡

After buying some things last month, I've realized that most of the bags I use or really like are pink/red! I guess it's not surprising, just that I never noticed it before^^

The new ones I bought last month:

Can't wait to use it! Not only is it pink, but more importantly it's super light and has 4 wheels. When I went to Europe in 2010, all my friends were using luggages with 4 wheels, while I had one with only 2 wheels. So while they were merrily pushing their luggages across the long distances we had to trek to reach out hotels, I was the only sad soul *pulling* a 25kg luggage with 3 weeks worth of clothes and toiletries :( Got calluses on my hands after the trip. But I got stronger arms too hahaha.

Also got a hot pink wallet, a mini pink clutch from H&M and a red envelop clutch

This is my favorite bag ever. Got it over two years ago from River Island, and I really love using it. It fits anything to everything I need, be it for school or for travelling, and the snaps at the side and expand or shrink the apparent size as needed. Plus I really like the design, color and details ♡

And the interior is lined with super smooth leopard print satin. To give an estimate of the size, I've already put 5 magazines inside, can probably fit over 15 more. Not that I would carry 20 magazines in it, it probably can't take the weight. It can fit two boxes of shoes! So you can see that it's very roomy, to say the least.

I used it as my hand-carry when I went to Europe. I also used it when I went to Tokyo last year, and when I felt tired of carrying so many bags from shopping, I stuffed them all in here hehehe. This was the red 2-wheeled luggage that gave me calluses :(

We rode a lot of trains, and for some reason, the train stations in Italy that we went to had no escalators or elevators! So we often had to carry our heavy luggages up and down the stairs. In Florence, there was a really nice man who carried my luggage up the stairs for me; like he just took it out of my hands and marched right up the stairs. And before I could thank or even get a good look at him, he walked off! ...But later on my friends and I found out that we were at the wrong exit, so we had to carry our luggage back down to the platform and up another exit.

After years of use the handles are dying, and the zip outside came off.
But I still use it for travelling ♡
Still can't find a similar replacement, even after searching for months!

I saw this in H&M one day, and got it because it was so mini and cute!
It has just enough space to fit my phone, a lipstick, some cards and money hahaha.

It's only slightly larger than my phone. My phone it rather huge because of the bling, I realized that after removing the bling case it's actually pretty slim. But...I'd rather keep the bling :P

Got it from a random store on the 3rd floor of Bugis for S$19.90.

Red envelope clutch from a random store on the 2nd level of Bugis.
It was on sale, only S$10!
It comes with a detachable gold chain shoulder strap.

Pink patent bag from Bangkok in 2010 (took Thai Airways to Rome, stopped over in Bangkok on the returning leg). Can't remember if it was from Platinum or Pratunam! Got the heart charm from another store in the same mall. I've since blinged the gold squared part in the center of the bow on the bag. Sadly, the heart charm fell off one day while I was on the train, probably from the squeezing and pushing :(

Salmon bag, bought sometime last year.
It can actually fit quite a lot of things: a long wallet, my phone, my old camera, mp3 player, keys and even an umbrella!

I also have a hot pink backpack; the only backpack I own. Got it in Toyama last year, cos I saw it in an adorable store selling tons of girly stuff. The store's called Kokemomo and it's located by Toyama Station, on the 1st level of Esta.

Since I was gonna be traversing the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route the following day, I thought a backpack would be tons easy to have while climbing, as opposed to a tote or shoulder bag^^ I think it was around 2,500yen.

Some pink coin pouches from Accessorize that I got last December
I've never been to London, but I got it cos it's heart-shaped!

Camera cases and eco-bag.
The hot pink one is for my Olympus, and the Chopper one is for my Samsung.
The eco-bag is super useful for travelling

There's also this peachy pink bag from Suanna that I bought from Gmarket a year and a half ago.

The lining is of a soft pink shiny satiny material and the bag has many compartments. Fits A4 perfectly and comes with a detachable sling strap. I used to use it for work, but I like bags with two handles to carry on the shoulder, and the handles of these are too short for that. I don't really like using sling straps for large bags.

So, those are all the pink/red bags I have...I think! What color bags/wallets do you like? I don't really have large black/brown bags as I've always found them too common!^^


  1. WOW i'm jealous of all this fabulous pink~

  2. I love your lastest pink luggage ^^ so pretty!!

  3. so much pink! i like :D aiming for a pink luggage too! hmm now that i think abt it... i don't own a black bag at all.. lol

  4. i actually own zero pink bags haha, they look cute though. i usually buy neutral colored purses (tan, white, black) are usually the colors i go for and occasionally gold. please check out my makeup blog too!


  5. So much pink! Love the bags!
    Check out my blog!


  6. wow pink is my favourite color but I havent purchased any pink bags, probably because around where I live there isnt much pink stuff available! I love you pink luggage!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

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    I don't know if you do that stuff, but I tagged you on my blog ! (when you have to say in a post 11 things about you ~ )

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  8. OMG the pictures are so cute *__*

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