Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pretty Pre-Christmas Gmarket Love ♥♥

Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year~ I actually ordered this awhile back, but due to exams and the gatherings of the holiday season I haven't been able to post ^^ Anyways! This time I got a pretty pink bag from Suanna, a new diary, sunglasses, a Korean language book, some necklaces, the new JYJ CD, a cat doll and a blusher.

Tada~ ny new "Angel Wings Big Bag". First off I wanna say that this bag is gorgeous! It's really well made, and well-lined. And it's so sweet and feminine (: The bag was from Suanna, and it comes in other colors like white, dark purple, black, cocoa brown and milk tea brown. And the frills are on both the front and the back of the bag, not just the front (: It was 34,800won without discount. I used the 15%off overseas shipping and a 2,000won off GLotto coupon, so it ended up 27,580won.

The interior of the bag. The lining is of a soft pink shiny satiny material, which looks and feels luxurious~ I really love it! The bag has 3 main large compartments, with the middle one being a zipped compartment. There's also a zip pocket at the back, and two non-zipped pockets in the front for mobiles phones. Fits A4 perfectly and comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Also came with a white dusting bag with the words Suanna Black Label.

I got this diary for the new year~ Actually I'm pretty much a hoarder, I still have a few diaries I haven't used ^^ But I couldn't resist because this one was so pretty, and came with a lot of stuff! Plus it comes in a box, perfect for gifts (: It's a photodiary, so the images inside are snapshots of Paris I got this from the seller 디자인팬시마켓11.

The lovely Paris, Je t'aime diary, which came awesomely packed with 50 mini postcards, 36 mini envelopes, a pen, and 5 sheets of stickers! All packed prettily in a clear plastic box. And it was only 16,800won, 13,950won after using the 10% off overseas shipping coupon and 7% off stationery coupon~

The seller gave this set of earphones as a freebie, just what I needed! Mine actually kinda broke a few days ago, this comes right on time, plus it's in one of my favorite colors! :D

And of course, when I heard that JYJ would be releasing a new "New Limited Edited" version of their album "The Beginning", I just had to get it, even though I have all the other versions already ^^ The seller I got it from actually gave 2 posters, instead of just 1 which most other sellers did, so hurray! One was the new huuuuge 110cmx60cm poster, and the other was the old poster which came with the previous versions. Ehehe now I have 3 copies of that old poster :D This version comes with a photobook, and the case is 20cmx20cm. (The luxury edition came in a 25cmx25cmx4cm box).

And speaking of JYJ, since Jaejoong tweets about his cat (Jiji) a lot and posted some pictures of this cat doll (called GG) (and another which he called ZZ) that his cat plays with, I managed to find it on Gmarket! I don't know if it's the same brand/model but looks close enough! I couldn't find the ZZ doll though :( This was 9,900won from the seller 모아사810.

I painted my nails red&black with JYJ on them Haha but faaailll, I can't seem to get the shape right :( Anyway, just wanted to show a photo comparing the sizes off the 3 different versions. Content-wise the Luxury version is the best as it come with 11 tracks, 8+3 remixes, 16 beautiful photo cards, a Tshirt and a poster. The New Limited Edition comes with 10 tracks, 8+2 remixes, a mini photobook and a poster. The Normal Edition comes with 8 tracks (no remixes) and a poster (same as luxury version).

Remember a while back I bought some Korean books, but was sad that Beginner's II didn't ship overseas when all the other books in the series did? So I sent an enquiry to the seller, who very promptly replied and made it available for international shipping! A big two thumbs up for their customer service! (I enquired in grammatically incorrect Korean and just put an English version hoping they read English, they replied within a few hours in Korean haha) So I ordered it plus the Intermediate II, and now I have the textbooks for Beginner's I, Beginner's II, Intermediate I and Intermediate II, all from the same seller.
Here are the links for all textbooks in the series:
Beginner's I (한국어 초급I)
Beginner's II (한국어 초급II)
Intermediate I (한국어 중급I)
Intermediate II (한국어 중급II)
Advanced I (한국어 고급I)
Advanced II
(한국어 고급II)

My new Beginner's II book! I've just about finished reading Beginner's I so this came just in time~

A note about this series of books: They are published by Kyung Hee University, and are good for self-studying Korean, provided you you have some basic/prior knowledge of Korean or you learn fast. (ie at least know the alphabet/pronunciation and recognizing stems of verbs). Because only Beginner's I & II have English glossaries and grammar notes (which are detailed and easy to understand. And there're also passages on culture and customs with English translation) However, from Intermediate onwards the book is purely in Korean. So you'll have to diligently check/look up a dictionary for new vocabulary and stuff.

Also got a blusher from Banila Co, as I had a 10% off coupon and it was Beauty Super Week (meaning extra coupons) and wanted to use it, and once I saw this blusher I knew I had to get it. I LOVEEE the lace design on the cover, it looks so pretty and intricate! The seller threw in 2 sachets each of the Let Me Start Make Up Essence in Muse (Pink) and Photogenic (Blue).

Sadly, (I don't know why though), whenever the EMS guy delivers me a package from Gmarket, I notice that the box is ALWAYS rather warm. Maybe the weather or near the engine or what? Butttt, the heat probably caused the glue holding the blusher pan and the case to melt. Hence it always comes off when I open it! But the blusher itself it reallly pretty! See the design? It's a pretty coral blusher with a pearly finish~

This is how it looks like from the bottom. The pattern on the top will get wiped off after a few uses I guess. But the blusher itself is still really pearly/shimmery (:

Got these sunnies from Pink Gongzang (핑크공장), it was 1+1! So for every pair you buy, they'll randomly throw in another pair for free~ And luckily for me the free pair was a pretty one! Each pair you buy comes with a free cleaning cloth and soft pouch. Only one cos they don't give it for the free pair.

The upper one's the free pair, the bottom one's the one I bought. All sunnies are certified 100% UV proof.

Got two lovely necklaces from 제나샵. I think the owl is really cute in that the feathers are like leaves and each one can move/swivel, so the owl looks more alive when you wear it^^. The hear-shaped mirror really is a mini-mirror, perfect for checking your lips or hair while on the go hehe! The teddy bear earrings were a freebie~

Overall a very satisfying haul~ I love you Gmarket! Haha can't wait for the JYJ music essay to be released to get it and the recently released GD&TOP album!


  1. Hi Kris!
    Gosh the Suanna bag looks gorgeous! \(*v*)/
    After using it, how would you say the quality is?
    Is it lasting or do you feel that it might break/wear/tear quickly?
    All of the Suanna items on Gmarket look so gorgeous, I feel like getting one now!
    ...but wondering about the quality and durability... >.<

  2. @ Weixin ♥
    The quality of the Suanna bag I got is quite good (: I'm not sure about other models, but the one I got feels sturdy and lasting, and even when using the shoulder straps, which are supported by two hooks which pull at the ends of the bag, the material is going good, no signs of wear and tear though I kinda abuse it by putting heavy stuff ^^ So yepp, I recommend it! ♥