Monday, January 17, 2011

Nails of the past ♥

I love painting my nails but lately I've been too lazy to come up with new ideas to paint them with ^^ I always only use my real nails, never fakes or acrylics, this is the length I keep them when I don't have uni. Otherwise the white part will be half as long. I mostly photograph my left hand because A) I'm right handed, therefore B) the design on the left hand comes out better, and C) I use my right hand to use the camera too. So just thought I'd do a post on some of the things I've done to my nails over the past few months. Most are rather messy because I usually take the picture right after painting, so all the excess polish at the edges hasn't been wiped off yet^^

So here are my bare nails. They're rather stained cos I hardly keep them bare; they're always coated with something ehehe. But I suppose from all the milk I drank when I was a child, they've turned out to be quite strong, so they don't break very easily and they're a bit thicker than average. But...when they do break it's usually the right index or left index nails. Or middle nails.

Just having a single color makes them look freakishly long, and a tad scary haha. So I added a layer of glitter to these pearly turquoise nails! Visee Juicy Doll Up Nails in BL962 and GR720 (glitter).

Tricolor pink with floral stickers! Now that I think about it the stickers are not very matching, but I though that just the tricolor would be boring ^^

Jill Stuart Nail Color N in #27 pink with 3d flowers As you can see my middle nail broke T_T hence it's sooo much shorter than the rest of my nails! Thumb nail also broke a little, so it's a tad shorter too. Ring finger nail is super long! I think it's the longest I've grown them ever! Though it's a tad too long I reckon.

White+purple with crystals in the middle. Ooh the thumb has started chipping :( White from Etude House, purple from The Face Shop in PP405. Swarovski crystals in Jet, size 6?

Gold + stripey pink and white french! Drew the hearts on and added crystals. The pink and white reminds me of candy :D I liked these a lot. And I like the length of my nails here.

This is actually a black with dark green shimmer/glitter (Etude House Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling WH004), but you can't really see it cos of the lighting. The white bits are a mixture of stickers and Konad stamping. And green heart-shaped stones on the thumb.

My Minnie Mouse-inspired nails! Bright red (Etude House Petit Darling Nails RD103) + white dots, drew on black bows and white hearts

Pink leopard prints. This is my uni length nails, freshly cut so they're rather short (for me)!

Another time when my nails were longer I did the pink leopard, then added flower flakes and flower stickers and drew on white/red bows and added a heart stone in the middle of the these nails look kinda thick and messy haha!

I used a sponge for this, mixed a bunch of blues/turquoises/greens, so the texture's a bit splotchy/dotty :D Then drew bows at the top and put crystals in the middle

Happy nails! The mix of bright colors makes me feel happy :D Light pink base then I just randomly dotted the top with different colors from my mini H&M Summer Nails

Black/pink/white nails. Quite messy, picture was taken right after I finished painting so all the edges hadn't been smoothed off nicely ^^

Oooh these were long! Pink base + chocolate swipes and Konad stamped ribbons and snowflakes. These were to test out the Konads, I wasn't feeling inspired for the base :(

Shorter nails T_T Plain multi-colored french. For lazy times when I'm not inspired and don't want to sport a plain single color hand.

Boring pink/red french with black line. All Etude House polishes, the pink (Petit Darling Nails PK006 Satin Pink) has a smooth pearly finish.

JYJ! The triangle thing's their logo ^^ First attempt and yeah my nails were short here. Etude House Lucid Darling Fantastic Nails (long name!) in Shimmering 05 Garnet Red, perfect TVXQ red

Polishes! Err I don't really have a fixed storage for them, at first it was the pink basket, which soon got filled up, then I just started piling more on top ehehehe. I even used an old cotton box to store more polishes ^^ Or the ones that come in boxes I leave them in their boxes and pile it on top ^^

The original pink basket. First compartment: The Face Shop polishes. Well, they're cheap and have many colors. Good if you wanna use for short term. But...not so good for using as an all over single color nail color. Most of them bubble like mad after application or over 1 layer :( Second compartment: Etude House polishes! I love the Dear Darling series, they're so bling. But, the price is super jacked up in Singapore compared to Korea. But still not as expensive as half an OPI. Third compartment's miscellaneous: Visee, Jill Stuart, Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, newer Etude House Lucid Darling buys.

Make-shift storage made from an old box of facial cotton. OPI, Color Club and Nature Republic.

The Face Shop stash. They were on sale for S$2.20 each so I spammed...bad decision :/

Etude House stash. Bottom row is my bunch of Dear Darling Nails polishes.

H&M Summer Nails sets! 2.95euros each! They're mini and such a bright cheery bunch. Used these for dotting my happy nails above

OPI Shrek Minis.

My 6 bottles of Nature Republic polishes. They were S$1.90 each, they're metallic and have a good finish. I actually use these for single color nails. Yes there are fuzzy gray bits around the bottles. They have actually collected dust as I don't do single color nails very often.

So that's it for my bunch of nails! I'm just lacking a bunch of pastel colors which I will soon order a bunch of from Gmarket mwahahaha! Hopefully they'll turn out well. I've been searching high and low for decent pastel shades that aren't too costly because I know I'll need to grab a whole bunch of colors ehehehe And ones that don't come in too huge of a bottle because I won't use much of every color anyway! Mmm Dollywink polishes are super duper cute! but they're so tiny and the price mark up in Singapore is a tad expensive. They're not of the lighter pastel shades I'm looking for, but they have the darker pastel shades! Texture/finish isn't bad either!

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