Sunday, December 19, 2010

Foodaholic + VOV ♥

Got more stuffs from Gmarket, this time it was skin pampering goodies from Foodaholic and lashes and a palette from VOV~ I chanced upon Foodaholic while browsing sheet masks, and the packaging of their items looked sooo yummy; made from fruits/organic stuff and the visuals looked very bright and appealing~ All the Foodaholic stuff were from the seller 향수마트, you can search 푸드어홀릭 (foodaholic) and seller's name together for a listing of all the Foodaholic stuff

VOV false lashes, Diacut Eyes palette in BE906 Airy Bloom, Foodaholic haul! Pomegranate, black soybean and greentea face foams, grain hand cream, grape massage cream, masks

First off, the VOV lashes~ ♥ These came in a big red box of 10 pairs mwahahaha. Got it here from the seller 피부스캔들♣. There are many pretty designs available, however the box of 10 is all of the same type, you can't mix :( However if you're like me and wear false lashes almost everyday then this probably won't bother you ^^ It's w24,900 for 10 pairs.

This is pricey when you compare to the Taiwanese and Model21 ones which sell 10pairs in one box for like <S$15? But considering that the VOV ones are actually meant for individual sale (1pair/box), w2,490 (~S$3) is actually quite affordable since even the shops in Bugis Village sells individual pairs of the plastic-y random brand lashes for like S$3.90, and the quality of VOV far beats those!

I chose #48, it's thin, long and natural-looking~ Shorter on the inner corners and longers at the outer corner I like this kind of lashes. The lash band is thin too so it's easy to apply. Ehehe I've been spoilt by Dolly Wink and the Taiwanese lashes which have transparent/reallly thin lash bands ^^ However the lashes themselves are a tad too thin! I'd like them to be a bit more voluminous ^^

Each pair comes in its own individual box (pretty, red, rosy, kinda Anna Sui-ish), it's own plastic casing (white base, clear cover), its own tube of glue and its own set of instructions.

Also from the same seller I got the VOV Castledew Diacut Eyes in Be906 Airy Bloom Dia. It's a baked shadow palette~ The casing is made of white plastic. There's a sturdy plastic insert (not some thin flimsy sheet of plastic) covering the shadows which you can rest the 2 sponge tip applicators on. I think that's a great thing cos it prevents powder fallout and dirtying the mirror~ However if you don't like it you can just remove it.

The colors in the palette (left to right, top to bottom): pearly baby pink, pearly mint-gray, pearly champagne; pearly sky blue, pearly lime green, pearly salmon; pearly medium purple, pearl metal gray, pearly chocolate brown. Hehe they're all pearly. The pigmentation is pretty good and I really love the colors~ They're all light and so floral spring-ish!

Foodaholic masks! Don't they just look sooooo yummy! The bright colors of the food~ ♥

The six types I got (clockwise from top left): Wormwood, Green Gram, Aloe, Orange, Pomegranate, Red Ginseng. Got it here at w10,500 for 50, inclusive of domestic shipping. There are options to add another 10 (for additional w1,700). There are also options to add face foam, body lotion, hand cream, cleansing cream, massage cream. In total there are 15 types of masks. The ones I didn't get were Collagen, Royal Jelly, Coenzyme Q10, Green Tea, Potato, Cucumber, Grain, Olive and Tomato.

The special thing about Foodaholic masks is that they're 3D! Like you know most sheet masks are exactly what their name implies - sheets. Flat sheets. However the Foodaholic ones aren't flat sheets, they're rounded, with curves for your chin, nose and forehead! (Hence the 3D labelling^^)

This is Orange; it's for "clear skin and cleaning the skin pores". This smells like sweet oranges, not the sour sharp citrusy scent, but the sweeter kind^^ Skin did appear brighter after usage (:

This is Red Ginseng; it's for "nutrition and revitalization". It works decently (makes my skin feel moisturized and look glowy after), but ohemgee the smell! If you know what ginseng smells like then be warned that this masks really has a strong ginseng smell! Red ginseng's supposed to be good for health when consumed as food but I have no idea on its effects when absorbed ^^

This is Pomegranate, it's "for clear and lively skin". Smells good! Fruity but not the overwhelmingly sweet kind. It did make my skin brighter (: And I love the color of the packaging ^^ I'm shallow like that hehe.

This is Green Gram (beans?); it's for "nutrition and elasticity". Smells a bit like powder, not Johnson's baby powder but the older granny kind, and kind of like salad? Something like the VOV Volcanic Powder Washoff mask smell ^^ Which I wouldn't mind if it's a washoff mask, but having this smell for 20min or even till I fall asleep is a bit much ^^

This is Aloe, it's for "soft skin and soothing the skin". I like to have a stash of Aloe masks, I just use them whenever my skin feels horrible cos aloe does me wonders in calming redness ^^ This one smells good, pleasant and soothing!

And my favorite~ This is Wormwood; it "calms and tights skin". I love love loveee the smell of this, it's really soothing! Like the lavender kind of soothing, however the scent itself it kinda masculine, like men's cologne. But sleeping with this on just really makes me feel relaxed! And it really did calm my skin :D

I also got 3 face foams in Green Tea, Pomegranate and Black Soybean. The Green Tea is supposed to be "fresh and soothing", the Pomegranate's for "fresh complexion" and the Black Soybean's for "beauty firming". I had originally wanted to try Green Gram but it was sold out T_T Anyway, these come in a huuuge 180ml tube each! Will take some time to finish using them definitely! And they're only w1,900 each! They smell great too~

Got it here as a set of 3 for w7,800 including domestic shipping. There are add-on options for massage cream, hand cream, masks, another face foam, body lotion. The other 12 types were acerola, olive, orange, cucumber, grape, aloe, green gram, red ginseng, charcoal, loess, mushroom and brown rice.

All the Foodaholic stuff I got (minus the 50 other masks ehehehe!). The left most box is a hand cream, grain! It was only w800 (yes 800, not 8,000!) and it's quite a huge tube at 100ml! The texture is a bit runny but totally not sticky, and my hands feel soft and sooo smooth after The only thing is that the scent (wheat/rice) might not be appealing to some people^^ The 5 other types of hand cream available are acerola, aloe, green tea, orange and olive.

In total I got 70 masks (20 wormwood, 10 each orange, red ginseng, aloe, green tea, green gram), 3 face foams (pomegranate, black soybean, green tea), 1 hand cream (grain) and 1 massage cream (grape).

This is the Keratin Scaling Grape Massage Cream. The scent is sooo grapey! I . It smells so yummy hehe. And the tub is really huge, it's 300ml! There's a plastic cap with the word 'Foodaholic' covering the cream, which I think is a great hygienic idea!

The 7 other types were fresh soothing green tea, fresh water cucumber, sensitive calming potato. daily purifying charcoal, beyond natural brown rice, gentle refresh green gram, skin relief olive. All are available as either a massage cream type or cleansing cream type.

Service~! (freebie) VOV seller was super nice and included this IPKN blossom extra moisture trial kit consisting of samples of the foam, cream, emulsion and toner~

All in all, I'm glad to have discovered Foodaholic, their products are interesting, come in huge varieties of flavors and they're easy on the pocket~


Fill in the flavors you want in the blank box. You have to go by multiples of 10 though. If there's not enough space to type in the box, type as much as you can there, and copy/add the rest into the "notes to seller" portion when you check out. Just remember to add the note to the correct item/seller!

Here's the list of flavors in Korean:
Cucumber - 오이
Green tea - 녹차
Aloe - 알로에
Orange - 오렌지
Potato - 감자
Green gram - 녹두
Grain - 곡물
Olive - 올리브
Pomegranate - 석류
Red Ginseng - 홍삼
Collagen - 콜라겐
Coenzyme Q10 - 코엔자임 Q10
Royal Jelly - 로얄제리
Tomato - 토마토
Wormwood - 약쑥

Following their example of 30 wormwood and 20 cucumber, you just put 약쑥30/오이20 into the box. If you're getting five types (10 each) then you can just put the names without the quantity, so that it can fit in the box ^^ eg. 오이/녹차/알로에/오렌지/감자

The 5 options above the box are for adding on (top to bottom) cleansing/massage cream, another 10 masks, body foam, foam cleanser, hand cream.


  1. hi, w10,500 is south korean currency?

  2. @Anonymous ♥

    Yes. South Korean currency is in "won", the sign of which is "₩". I used "w" because I can't type the "₩".

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Hi,

    how long will it take to delivery to singapore?

  4. @Anonymous

    For delivery time alone, EMS takes 2-5 business days.

    However the time taken for ordering, waiting for seller to respond and shipping of items from seller to Gmarket HQ varies.


  5. Hi i notice some of your post, ur gmarket items pack in very big box? inside is separate small box? did u asked them to pack lik this or they pack themselve? do i have to pay any additional shipping when i receive at my door step?

  6. @Anonymous
    Hi, usually this is the way Gmarket will pack your items if you order from more than one seller. Each seller sends their items to Gmarket separately, then Gmarket will collect all the packages, put them in a big box and ship it to you.

    Whether you have to pay additional shipping depends on the weight of the items after everything has come. It will be reflected on the order page, and if the additional amount required is less than 5,000won, usually Gmarket will ship it first. If it's greater than 5,000won, you have to top up before they will ship it out (:

    Hope that helps!


  7. hi, how much weight is how much won? if i buy mask w10,500 for 50 mask? how much is the weight calculate?

  8. @Anonymous
    The estimated shipping you're charged is based on the estimated total weight of your cart when you check out. The cost of shipping is according to the EMS table found here. The estimated weight is based on what the seller puts on the page of the items. In this case, for the masks, the seller lists it as 0.3kg.


  9. hi, so if bought mask total is w21600 right.. how long is their delivery?

  10. @Anonymous

    You can always do a mock check out to calculate the final cost. The delivery question has already been answered: "For delivery time alone, EMS takes 2-5 business days."

  11. wow, I want to buy from the korean gmarket, but when I clicked on your links, I couldn't understand nothing. They got me to register and everything which was a torture. :( i think i might just buy from the singapore seller. XD btw, this post was done very nicely

  12. really great haul. and the masks!!! i should have discovered foodaholic way before