Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Too Cool For School Lip Products! (and Blusher)

So I went to Seoul last month, and fell very much in love with the brand Too Cool For School. One of my favorite products: their Art Class Lip Crayons! These were 6,000won each. I wanted to get all 5 colors, but couldn't find the orange anywhere (I went to 5 different stores!) :(

Yellow isn't really yellow, but rather it provides a golden glint. And blue gives a shine/kind of highlight to make your lips look fuller. I love the red, it's quite pigmented but sheer! The texture is really smooth and creamy, a breeze to put on; it's really like coloring your lips with a crayon. And I really like how they're designed to look like crayons, with the position of the wording and the wavy lines.

So these are most of the lip products I got, and I say most because some of them (about 2?) aren't in the picture...because after coming back I decided I wanted other colors so I got my friend to help me get them.

Another favorite: Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass Lip Plumpers

These were 8,000won each.

I got three colors, from top to bottom: #1 Sparkling Beam, #3 Pinky Baby, #2 Red Beam.

#1 is a clear gloss with sparkles. It's not pigmented, but can be layered over lips for sparkle.
#2 is a sheer red gloss with sparkles.
#3 is a slightly more pigmented pink color that isn't as sparkly as the other two.

They're wonderful to use: non-sticky, don't drip down your lip, give great shine and a slight plumping effect. Plus the packaging is really cute! They're small and have the adorable red ribbon on the cap, as well as cute heel motifs on the bottom!

A doe-foot sponge applicator.
Currently, I like using the red lip crayon and dabbing the lip plumper in #1 over.

Haven't tried these yet: Creamy Glow Pens

I got them in three colors.

Top to bottom: #1 Dusty Pink, #2 Acid Tangerine, #3 Warm Raspberry.

They're something like the Stila Lip Glazes, in that it's a brush tip applicator, hence the "pen" in the name. But instead of twisting, you push the bottom of the pen to push the product through. I haven't used them yet, but from the testers in the stores, these glosses are quite opaque and non-shimmery.

Another love: Milk Tint

The two colors are pink and orange.
These were 8,000won each.

This has a sponge applicator. It gives a very natural tint!
I'm really addicted to the pink, but I haven't tried the orange yet.

Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #3 Lady Salmon.

Love the words on the box:
Sometimes life can be boring, but you cannot!
You are not boring, you are too cool for school.

Jolly Jelly Lip Gloss.
This is #2 Nudy Orange.

This is #9 Mission Pink.
The applicator is a spatula-type applicator.

Smoky Nudy Lip Color
Lipsticks from the Glam Rock collection.

Nude lipsticks!

Left to right: #1 Pale Beige, #2 Satin Beige.

Too Cool For School has other blush products, but since I have a ton of blushes, I just got this.
Art Class Blusher. A super cute cream-type blush!

The packaging is adorable, like a tube of paint!
This is #1 Pink.
It was 8,000won.

I bought A LOT of stuff from Too Cool For School. There are still BB cream/powder products, eye crayons, skincare products and accessories/tools! 


  1. So cute!!! The Glam Rock lipstick look so pretty!

  2. well i'm sorry if i'm impolite/obnoxious,
    just asking are you graduated or still in school? Seems to travel alot... :o
    and you seem rich... you know, i read almost all your posts and boy, you bought gazillions of stuff there O_o are they your income, or someone's money?

    1. You're right, it IS impolite :o
      I spent the last 6 months interning, as well being a translator since October last year, so that's *my* income.
      You know, if you really read all my posts, you'd also know that 2 of my trips to Japan last year were free O_o
      It's no business of yours how I spend *my* money :)

    2. oh, sorry then :) i was just wondering. im reaaalllyyy sorry for being impolite :(