Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obsessed with Rings!

Rings Who doesn't love them? Lately I've been having a bit of an obsession with them, every time I step into a store with accessories, I always have to check out the rings! These are some that I've gotten...this month :x But I really do like them! Though I haven't really got a chance to wear them other than weekends (*´д`*)

Okay, these are not rings but I had to get them out of the way first, they made me so happy just looking at them^^ Bought these cos they were so colorful and too pretty to resist! Ribbon earrings in 9 different colors were only S$11! The long colorful flowers necklace was around S$10 I think? Both were from F21.

Rings from Accessorize!
Out of all the rings I own, I do like the quality of the Accessorize ones the most, but that being said, they are quite pricey for regular, non-precious stone rings :/ I got the big round one when it was 70% off, the original price was S$47. I fell in love with the fish ring the moment I saw it, who's the genius who came up with the idea of making a ring in a vertical fish?! I love the hanging scales~ It was S$27.

The problem with buying them was that you can really try them on in the store, so at first I got the fish ring in a size too large. When I exchanged it, I think the bottom scale on the new one was missing! But oh well, at least its not a very noticeable scale. I don't like looking at dead fish in the market, but I really like looking at the fish ring~

These are from H&M!
Sets of 10 rings, good for layering or stacking on your other fingers if you don't want to just wear one ring out, but think that having two "big" or "bold" rings is too much. Obviously I *needed* both colors, to match my other rings :P Each set was S$5.90, more reason to get both ehehe^^

Gold ones with the big round ring from Accessorize. Golden harmony!

Silver ones with the moose ring (bought last year from F21, still really really love it)!
The square black one is from Gmarket.

Plastic bow rings from F21!
I love these because you know whenever you're out and go to the restroom? When you wash your hands you need to take your rings off, and sometimes the skin between your fingers are totally dry when you put them back on, then the metal oxidizes (´д`) But with these plastic rings, it doesn't matter if you wet them! :D

They were S$5 each

Double rings from F21!
I actually got the stars one last year, but got the flowers one this month.
Forgot the prices, but I think they were around S$8 each?

I think F21 offers a large assortment of accessories, but the quality isn't that great - they wear/oxidize really fast, and sometimes the joints aren't done very well, so parts may break off. Also, sometimes the stones aren't glued on properly and fall off too. But that being said, they are inexpensive and offer quite a variety of designs, and anyway no one can see the oxidized portions when you're wearing them :P

The flower double ring and the fish ring; the pinks match!

The stars double ring and a butterfly ring from Accessorize.

Set of 3 rings from H&M. S$7.90
I really like these, found them by accident hidden in a pot of other rings at H&M (♥´౪` )

But sadly they're kinda too big even for my index and middle fingers, so I need to be careful when bending my fingers downwards, there have been quite many times I've "lost" the top layer whilst digging for stuff in my bag. Luckily it's just lost in my bag, and not dropped somewhere on the streets.

Not rings, but bangles! From F21.
I also got the pale blue version of the white one last month^^ Rings are currently my favorite accessories, but bangles/bracelets are following behind, cos I don't really wear or have very many of them. But I think I've got enough hair bands/bows/clips though!

Heart-shaped purple sunnies~!
Couldn't resist!


  1. Wow there are so many funky ones :D I love rings too! But I don't have as many as I'd like :P


  2. Yea, I know. Rings can be so fun to wear!

  3. omgg I love the fish ring <3
    I always want to accessorize more but i always end up spending all my money on clothes, shoes, or makeup > <;

  4. That fish ring is really cute!
    I love all the unique rings you have :)

  5. wow! i like your necklaces :3
    your site is very pretty :)


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