Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Diamond Blushes and Diamond Beauty Puff ♥

In addition to the newly released Little Wink eyelash series, on 24-Feb this year Diamond Beauty also released 3 new blushes and 1 new face powder! ♡♥ I love Diamond Beauty's blushes, so I'm hoping the new ones will be great too! Currently they're only available at SBY stores and the Diamond Beauty online store.

Diamond Blush No. 6 ローズピンク / Rose Pink
Description: Spreading a thin layer of this finely textured powder gives the look
of rosy cheeks exuding a glow from within, an elegant rose pink.

Diamond Blush No. 7 スウィートピーチ / Sweet Peach
Description: Blending in with your skin,
this is a sheer nudy and sweet peach pink that draws out a shine.

Diamond Blush No. 8 ジューシーオレンジ / Juicy Orange
Description: A glamorous orange that instantly gives a healty complexion,
it also gives a dewy and transparent finish to the skin.

The older Diamond Blushes No. 1~5:
Dolly Pink, Apricot Pink, Honey Orange, Gold Jewellery, Creamy Pearl.

The new blushes have a black bottom casing and clear upper lid, unlike the older ones which had clear packaging for both the top and bottom lids. Also, the older ones said "Diamond Blush" across the lid, while it appears that the new ones will have "Diamond Beauty" instead. The size of the products look similar, so if like the old ones they should have 6g of product. Each costs 1,050yen with tax.

I have 3 of the older blushes, and among all the gyaru brands of blushes I think Diamond Beauty gives the best bang for your buck - more product and lower price. I also liked how the packaging was a heavier plastic, rather than a lightweight thinner plastic. It felt more solid compared to say, Candy Doll or Melliesh. So I'm hoping that the new ones will have the same form factor too! Hoping that that the black plastic isn't the lightweight, flimsy, crack-in-a-moment type!

Diamond Beauty is also releasing a new Diamond Puff.
No. 3 Aurora Face Beautiful White Skin

The older Diamond Puffs were No. 1 Princess Face Transparent Skin and No. 2 was Dolly Face Matte Skin. Like the difference with between the old and new blushes, seems like the new Diamond Puff's packaging will say "Diamond Beauty" instead of "Diamond Puff" which the older ones have. Size looks to be the same, so it should have 30g of product. It costs 1,575yen with tax, like the other two Diamond Puffs.

I'm excited for the blushes! I like how Diamond Beauty has chosen to make darker pinks and oranges for their new blushes, because frankly I think the market is saturated with sweet pinks and light oranges (*´д`*) All the new colors look great! I'm not sure if I can pull off Juicy Orange cos it's, but no harm trying! Other than that the other two are definitely my kind of colors! ♡♥