Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dolly Wink F/W 2011 Available at Watsons + 7% off

Good news for Dolly Wink lovers in Singapore, the new 2011 F/W collection is finally being sold here at selected Watsons~! I'm not sure why it took soooo long before they started selling these, but I'm guessing it may be the quantity; they start selling later because they wanted to bring in a larger quantity of products?

The big standalone stand. The new packaging is really really sweet~ These photos were taken at the Watsons in Wisma Atria. They're having a storewide 7% off products from now till 28 March, including the new Dolly Wink range! I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased my stuff :D All Watsons outlets have a storewide 7% off until 28 March!

I came back with the lashes in #9, #12 and #13. #12 and #13 are lower lashes. After the 7% discount they were S$23.16 each. The packaging for the new lashes is similar to the packaging of the older lash series, but the top cover/plastic is somewhat convexed, whilst the old series was totally flat.

Smaller, wider stand atop shelves.

Prices for the new items:
Lashes #9~#14: S$24.90 each (1,260yen)
Eyebrow Mascara: S$21.90 each (1,050yen)
Eyebrow Powder: S$24.90 each (1,260yen)
Eyebrow Pencil: S$16.90 each (735yen)
Eyelash Fix: S$18.90 each (945yen)
Eyelash Case (Purple): S$9.90 each (420yen)

So you can see that the eyebrow pencils are actually quite overpriced if you compare with the original Japan prices (*´д`*)

Testers for the brow powders.

There are also testers for the brow mascara. Despite having one big standalone stand and a stand atop the shelves, seems that there's quite a lot of stock that they're even available on the tack :D

There are so many pieces available that they're even in baskets at the bottom cos of lack of space for stands and on racks (they were full) :O So I don't think they'll be running out any time soon~ :D


  1. OMG!!
    I suddenly want to live in Singapore XD

  2. Bohooo, wish i was there! :)))))

  3. i wish dolly wink would come in bulk like diamond lash, and that it was cheaper! haha

  4. :O We don't have a watsons here T^T And dolly wink locally is up to $40! So online shopping it is~~

  5. Nice! I wish I had watsons! T^T

  6. wow..already??i don't think this have arrive in Malaysia now but need to check Sasa soon~

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