Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lash Sightings II

Zipper x Eyemazing collection selling at Donki!
As you can see, not all 10 types were available, my guess is that they sold out?
The 3 not available when I went were Ayama Type A, Shitama Type A and Seto.
I really wanted to get the Seto one!

And the ever-present Dolly Wink, together with Jewerich and Jumily and DUP.

Lashes by 109 brands Love Boat and ANAP!

Takako lashes at a store in Shinagawa, they come in a heart-shaped case!
But only one pair per case and it's rather pricey...

Single pair lashes by Envy and Decorative Eyelash.

Rich Accent Eyelash

Loads of DUP.

And I bought this! Eyemazing 801, Amo x Pastel Type A.

Close-up, it's brown!

Eyemazing 810, Shitama Type B, lower lashes.

Close-up, they're brown too!

Eyelabo Natural Angel 001.


Sexy Doll 003. I really love this, it's my favorite at the moment so I got a back-up pack^^
I wanted the Zipper x Eyemazing Seto one because the style was similar to this^^

So there you go, this time I only got 3 packs of lashes, 1's for a friend.
I would've gotten more, but there was no free time^^
The packaging for Zipper x Eyemazing is really nice!

If you like looking at lashes, lash sightings part I can be found here.


  1. More lashes love it *_*
    I wanna try the Eyemazing 801 looks so pretty !

  2. @Ling - Ling♥
    I haven't tried them yet, (haven't even opened it^^) but will do a review when I do~!

    ♥ Karisa

  3. I wish i can get in Portugal >.<'