Friday, June 7, 2013

Too Cool For School Twin Color Eye Crayons ★

One of my favorite Too Cool For School products, the Twin Color Eye Crayons!  There are 5 color combinations available, and I got 4. Each crayon is supposed to have a "base" color and "main" color, though I don't actually use them like that. To me they're like 2 "main colors". So I have 8 colors in total! 

Each crayon retails for 12,000won, and they each come adorably packaged in a triangular prismy brown paper box 

The "base color" ends: #3 Gold Beige, #1 White Pink, #2 Pearly Red and #5 Metallic Grey

The "main color" ends: #3 Warm Green, #1 Dark Purple, #2 Pearly Brown and #5 Dark Navy. 
I actually prefer the colors of these ends to the "base" ends!

The Eye Crayons are soooo smooth and creamy, and go on like a dream. They're all extremely pigmented and pearly, and are super easy to blend. My only complaint is that since they're so thick, they're hard to use as eyeliner at the outer corners, especially if you want to make sharp edges or cat eyes. So I use these as color eyeliners/eyeshadow, and use a black liquid/pen liner over it because I like sharp-edged eyeliner.

I don't think the Eye Crayons fit regular sharpeners, you have to get the sharpener from Too Cool For School. The Eye Crayons are the same thickness as the Lip Crayons, so the sharpener is the same, but for hygiene purposes I bought two sharpeners, one for the lip crayons and one for the eye crayons.

 #1 White Pink + Dark Purple 
My favorite crayon of the lot, because the dark purple is my absolute favorite color! I don't know why it seems more brownish/maroon in the photos, but the actually color is really more like the crayon than the swatch. The White Pink is a very sweet color, and looks like the "without flash" color, though slightly more pink in real life.

#2 Pearly Red + Pearly Brown 
For this it's the opposite, the color of the pearly brown is actually more like the swatch than the crayon.

#3 Warm Green + Gold Beige 
I didn't buy this at first, but after leaving Seoul I kept thinking about the green and how unique it looked, so I asked my friend to help me get it^^ I like using the gold beige for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, it's not too white and doesn't have huge glitter chunks.

#5 Dark Navy + Metallic Grey 
I really like the navy! 
I like the Metallic Grey too, though I think I'd like it even more if it were slightly darker?

These were part of my Too Cool For School haul from Seoul last year. 
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I don't think I can describe how much I love Too Cool For School! I love the fun, quirky designs of the products, they're definitely an unconventional cute, but cute nonetheless and oh-so-fun! And the products themselves are amazing ♥♥ The Blending BB Cream is one of my absolute favorite products from Too Cool For School, and so is the Lip Tint~


  1. These look so cool!! =]
    Too Cool For School things are always so unique..they should open a store here =[

  2. thanks for sharing...awesome stuff!

    CMPang x

  3. Kyaaah~~ The packaging is so cuuuute ^_____^
    Definitely smthg different frm the rest of the Korean brands out there...