Monday, June 10, 2013

YouTube FanFest + Music Matters!

A little bit late, but it was a great week! I'll try go in chronological order, though it might jump about a bit^^ Best saved for last! ♪(*´ω`*) The YouTube FanFest was a two-day event (May 20-21) featuring appearances and performances by 18 YouTube acts; followed by Music Matters (trade conference May 21-23, performances May 22-24 at Clarke Quay).

Special colored wristband that let us sit in the front 2 rows mwahahaha.

Day 1, first up was Steph Micayle.
Next was Chonny!

David Choi!
He also performed at various pubs in Clarke Quay from Wed-Fri, caught the Paulaner perf on Friday.

Hikakin, awesome Japanese beatboxer!
He can do amazing stuff and make sounds that don't sound human :O

Cooking with Dog!
The food always looks sooo good and drool-worthy...

Mighty Car Mods and Namewee.

Chester See! He was the last act for Day 1. 
My favorite song of his is Who am I to Stand in Your Way, which was the first song he performed, yay. He also belted out a few lines of Bromance, and sang God Damn You're Beautiful and Nice Guys (requested by the audience!).

First act of Day 2, JV Joseph Vincent! 

 Surprise appearance by Steve Tyler from Aerosmith!
Aerosmith was performing at the Social Star Concert on May 24.

Simon and Martina / Eatyourkimchi! They're so adorkable :D 
They're one of my favorites on YouTube!

GAC from Indonesia and The Viral Fever from India. 

Nicko's Kitchen, who had a live demonstration/hands-on segment for some audience members!

Dome Pakorn Lam from Thailand, whose song was super energetic and catchy! 

 Boyce Avenue!
They're wearing different clothes because photos are from two performances. In addition to YTFF, I got to catch their showcase at the Music Matters Conference, which was a few days after. Also caught them a while before they entered the lift. They were in a rush so only got a group shot!

 Also caught the YTFF host, Dom Lau, who's super tall. 
I'm wearing 4-inch heels and he's still so much taller!

Some interesting presentations by Barks and Livenation at the Music Matters Conference. 

 Back to Day 2, Ryan Higa!
The young screaming fangirls were craaazy loud!
Special appearance/performance by Andrew Garcia during his segment.

And a surprise (short, 30-second) appearance by Wes from Wong Fu Productions!

Wong Fu is probably my favorite channel on YouTube, These Four Walls and When Five Fell are my absolute favorite videos I love how simple objects can be used to tell wonderful, meaningful stories. Couldn't stop crying the first few times I watched them (T___T)

These Four Walls 

When Five Fell ♥

Wes held an impromptu meet-and-greet a few days later, sooo many people turned up but he was really nice and stayed till everyone got a picture. He is really, really, super nice. I kinda felt really old being there because most of the people that showed up were almost a decade younger than me (゚Д゚)

So, that was a loong but fun week (May 20-25)! The weekend before was the Audi Fashion Festival and Wine Voyage, so I was out till late every single day. I had tickets to see the Aerosmith concert, but the night before I fell quite sick, high fever for next few days, and a bad bout of the flu (>A<).

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