Wednesday, June 5, 2013

za 15th Anniversary ♡

2013 marks za's 15th anniversary, and what are birthdays without parties and cake? 
The theme was pink and yellow!

I remember my first encounter with za, waaay back in the year 2000, when I was just 10. The first za product I ever used: their Two-duo Lip Gloss. Each large tube of gloss had two colors, and as a 10-year old I was so fascinated because when you squeezed it, a bit of both colors came out, and you got a magical mixed color! ♡ (Credits to Google for these images of the gloss, I don't think I even started using the Internet or had a digital camera in 2000^^)

Instead of cake, there was a lovely selection of pies and drinks at the event, which was held at Window Sill Pies, a quaint little cafe with an amazing selection of pies~  I tried the Funny Apple Pie and Banana Brittle Pie, yumms. 

Dangling from the ceiling of the cafe were adorable decorations featuring illustrations by Naho Ogawa!

A Tokyo-born freelance illustrator, Naho Ogawa graduated from the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York. While still in college, she collaborated with Anna Sui to design T-shirts! I love her illustrations, they're so sweet and delightful, and I love the style of how her colors sometimes exceed the black "outlines". Her works have also been featured in Vogue Bambini Italia and Vogue Girl Korea.

To commemorate its 15th birthday, za will be releasing a super cute, limited edition foundation case designed by Naho Ogawa...can you spot it amongst the sea of cuteness?

Awesome pink handmade "cake" decorated with some of za's current best-selling products.
And topping the cake, the lovely foundation case!

The foundation casing is for za's Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen for all-day moisture and hydration. It provides decent UV protection with SPF20 PA++. It also has pore and oil control properties to keep skin matte and fresh. 

The 10 functions the foundation claims to provide:
★ Spreads lightly ★
★ Applies smoothly ★
★ High coverage ★
★ Even finish ★
★ Reduces pore visibility ★
★ Evens skintone ★
★ Corrects dull skin ★
★ Non-greasy over time ★
★ High staying power ★
★ Retains brightness ★

Close up of the uber cute limited edition 15th anniversary foundation case.

Love the colors, illustrations and girlishness of the design ♥ I'm definitely a girly girl, so anything this sweet, pink, colorful and pretty gets my stamp of approval ☆ Mark your calendars for 4th July 2013, for that's when the adorable foundation case will be launched in Watsons stores island-wide. It will retail for S$9.90, so grab it while you can as it's limited edition! 


  1. omg, such pretty design on the foundation case ! <3

    1. Yeah, really happy when I use it for touch ups! ♥

  2. Mega kawaii~~~ ^__________^
    I remember my first lipstick, it was from Maybelline!

    1. I think my first lipstick was from Maybelline too, a twinkle/sparkle pink? Not too sure^^

  3. The foundation design is adorable! =]
    Is it only one design or are there others?
    I use za's Instant Brightener, not their powder foundation, but omg I think I'd be so happy reapplying foundation if I had such an adorable case!!

    1. Hi Julie,
      There's only one limited edition design for the 15th anniversary :D