Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diamond Eyelash Essence

Diamond Beauty is well-known and well-loved for their Diamond Lashes, and lately they've been expanding their range of "eye" products to include lash gluemascara, eyeliner, double eyelid fiber...and now eyelash essence!

The Diamond Eyelash Essence comes in a white 3ml tube with the Diamond fairy, and features a soft brush that's easy to paint with. It claims that you just need to use it once a day before you sleep, on the roots of your eyelashes, and you will get thicker, stronger, longer lashes! (*´ω`*)♪

Having the "Made in Japan" notice is very reassuring, because I for one am very careful when it comes to the things I put on my face, and more importantly if it concerns the eyes. Japan has very strict laws governing the production of makeup and skincare, so I'm very, very reassured if a product is "Made in Japan"~!

In addition, it's also free from many additives ♪
①Animal origin-free
③Mineral oil-free
④Artificial coloring-free
⑤Artificial fragrance-free

The "soft touch" brush is gentle to both the eyelashes and eyelids.
Diamond Eyelash Essence comes in 3ml and retails for 1,050yen.

I'd really like to try this out if I can get my hands on it! Like all the other Diamond Beauty products in the "eye" range, they're not available here :( Though Diamond Blush, brow mascara and nose powder is sold here, the star item - lashes - isn't...and neither are the lash glue, mascara, eyeliner or eyelid fiber. I'm down to my last pair of Celeb Eye, my favorite types of lashes. Think I've gone through 4 boxes? I wear lashes everyday, and can wear each pair for about 3 weeks. That's how great Diamond Lashes are~! (♥´౪`♥)


  1. It looks good. I would love to try out diamond lashes :)

    1. Try! They're one of the best lashes for daily wear ♥

  2. Omg! I'd love to try this out! :> You always post first when it concerns japanese products!


  3. Wow! I am super tempted to try!

  4. Looks interesting, most lash essences come with mascara-type brushes, though this is like a glue brush...

    1. Yeah, first thing I noticed when I saw the pics^^ Elizabeth Arden's prevage serum has a similar brush though!