Monday, October 29, 2012

Diamond Beauty Mascara & Eyeliners ♡

Seems that Diamond Beauty is yet again expanding their line to include more products, and this time it's mascara and eyeliner! The packaging is similar to the Eyelash Fixer, in that it has a gold cap and gold fairy motifs on the tube. The items will go on sale from 11/15, but are available for pre-order from their webstore now~  ♡

Described as a high-performance eyeliner that is waterproof, but easily comes off with warm water. Choose from two colors: the very intense, jet-black "Forever Black", or "Sweet Brown" which creates a cute, lovable look ☆ The eyeliners retail for 1,050yen each, inclusive of tax.

No. 1 (Black)
Forever Black 
UP your eye power with a jet-black line using "Forever Black" ☆

 No. 2 (Brown)
Sweet Brown
Leave a cute impression with "Sweet Brown" ☆

The mascaras retail for 1,365yen each, inclusive of tax.
No. 1 (Volume & Curl)
 Volume & Curl, which has a good 24H curl-keeping power ☆
Keeps curl for 24H, right from the eyelash roots.
Claims to be resistant against water, tears, sweat and sebum. 

No. 2 (Long & Separate)
Easily removed by warm water, "Long & Separate" gives a elegantly separated lashes ☆
Though it is easily removed by warm water, 
this fiber-type mascara claims to be strong against sebum, tears and sweat.