Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enoteca L' Operetta - Singapore Restaurant Week

The 2nd last week of March was Restaurant Week in Singapore, and what happens is that lots of fine dining places have special lunch and/or dinner menus which you can try for S$35~S$50. Totally worth it! So this time we tried dinner at Enoteca L'Operetta, an Italian restaurant located in Boat Quay.

Capesante di Hokkaido al Forno con Burro Aromatizzato
Oven-baked Hokkaido scallops with mushrooms and butter
The scallop was large and succulent, and the mushroom flavors were saturated and simply scrumptious!

Salmon carpaccio
It's forever delightful to indulge in salmon :)

Prosciutto di Parma!
I looooove prosciutto, haven't had good ones since Italy!

Fettucini con Ragu di Kurobuta e Porcini
Fettucini with pork and porcini mushrooms

Grilled seabass
Crispy and delicious!

Rigatoni con Salsa Pomodoro e Crema d d'Anatra Affumiciata
Rigatoni with tomato sauce and smoked duck

Pan-seared veal

One of my eternal favorite desserts,
I had a ton of these in Italy, my favorite's still the one from Pompii!

They had various paintings on their walls, saw this one of Venice,
and realized that I took a similar picture when I went there hehehe:

Okay, so there weren't as many gondolas present in mine but hey, it's the same view :P

Part of the Singapore River at night.
I love the sight of light reflected in water Or any reflected light for that matter; I find myself fascinated whenever sunlight hits my bling and reflects multi-colored light spots on the walls/floor!

Ahhh, eating all this Italian food made me think of all the delectable dishes I had in Italy/Spain in summer 2010. Prosciutto in Singapore is too darn expensive and not as soft/tasty as the ones in Italy! :( Though too much ham made us end up looking like balls of ham! >< But I miss Sepia a la Andalucia (cuttlefish cooked in garlic and olive oil) the most, and Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus cooked with paprika and potatoes) as well! Squid and other cephalopods are something I can never say no to!


  1. Looks like you had fun! ^^
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