Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EMODA Eyelash ♡

EMODA, a popular 109 mode-kei brand, recently released a line of eyelashes.
They started going on sale 4/23, but have been available for pre-order in Japan since last month.
Looking at their designs is making my July shopping list grows longer and longer...(*´д`*)

In total, there are 6 types - 4 upper lashes and 2 lowers lashes.
All retail at 1,260yen for 5pairs.
Packaging-wise, it's simple and minimalistic, in line with their brand's concept.
From some angles the packaging just looks cheap (black paper and white plastic?)...
but I cannot make a definite comment until I see the actual product!

For the price, it's pretty decent, compared to Liz Lisa or Dolly Wink,
which cost the same but come with only 2 pairs.
To be fair though, Liz Lisa lashes are awesome and have great packaging!
Anyway, onto the lashes!

Daily Eye - in box

Daily Eye - as worn on Matsumoto Ena, producer of EMODA
Bottom lash is Natural Eye.

I love this look~ (´౪`)
Added these two to my shopping list!

Daily Eye - closed

Dolly eye - in box

Dolly eye - worn
Bottom lash is Feminine Eye.

Dolly eye - closed

Glamorous Eye - in box

Glamorous Eye - worn
Bottom lash is Feminine Eye.

After how many years and how many brands, I still like upper lashes like this...
Gradated length and gradated density =

Cool Eye - in box

Cool Eye - worn
Bottom lash is Natural Eye.

Cool Eye - closed

Natural Eye - in box
I really like the look of these on Matsumoto Ena, they look so natural!

Feminine Eye - in box


  1. I want to try these lashes so badly ♥

  2. omg I really like the shape of the Glamorous eye lashes *A*

  3. omg i like Daily Eye the most!! so natural! <3

  4. Ohhhhh so Lovely Lashes! I want ^^
    Looks so gorgeous!

  5. love the shape of these lashes!
    they do look a little shiny tho, so probably not a soft as dolly wink lashes.