Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liz Lisa Lashes

Hello! How was your Christmas and New Year? I was in the Philippines during December and the Internet connection was unstable and slow when available^^ Right now I'm doing a civil engineering internship until mid-June, so I'll be quite very busy until then (*´д`*) Anyway, I'm going to Kansai in July, just booked my tickets, I can't wait!

Anyway, Liz Lisa has come out with 3 new lashes~ This brings their total selection to 6 types, 3 in the newer series and 3 from the previous series. The newer series has darker, bolder flowers on the packaging design, compared with the paler pastel colors on the older series. As with all Liz Lisa items, the floral packaging is so lovely! (´౪` )

All retail for 1,260 yen per box of two pairs.

To me, the styles of the lashes in the newer series seem somewhat similar to the older series, just that they're darker/more black and more densely packed. The older series looks somewhat flutterier and lighter. I have 2 lashes from the older series, and I absolutely loved them! Will definitely stock up on these when I go to Japan in July!

Doll Eye

Lower Lash

Natural Eye


Large Eye Dolly Love Liz type
Droopy Eye Dolly Love LIZ type

Black Bright Natural LIZ type


  1. Ohh they look nice! The price seems reasonable when compared to the other brands too, i mean, its liz lisa! Haha

    -- :)

  2. @THT Christine ♥
    Hahaha yup! They cost the same as Dolly Wink lashes, just that they're only available in Liz Lisa stores, so I guess why the prices are quite marked up online ><

    @Sana ♥
    I love the packaging! :D

    @Life of Temptation ♥
    Liz Lisa's floral packaging makes stuff look prettier! :)

    ♥ Karisa

  3. Hi! I used to live in the Philippines and my dad is actually a civil engineer! I'm curious to know, what Japanese company would have a civil engineer intern be sent to the Philippines for? Japanese company contracting civil engineers' services to a poorer country? Very interesting!

  4. @julien ♥

    My mum's Filipino so I was in the Philippines for Christmas :) I'm interning at an affiliate office of a Japanese engineering company, located in Singapore. The company does have an office in the Philippines as well though, and I do have quite a number of Filipino colleagues in my department :) The main (Japan) office does send its engineers overseas for backup/oversee sites etc.

    ♥ Karisa