Friday, April 27, 2012

Cosme de Liz Lisa Jenne ♥

Who doesn't love flowers? I'm sure no one needs an introduction to the ever-popular sweet girly 109 gyaru brand Liz Lisa right~? Finally they've come up with their own cosmetic line, called "Cosme de Liz Lisa Jenne", and the packaging sure lives up to the Liz Lisa image!

Lip gloss in 5 colors, retailing at 2,625yen with tax each.
000 Aurora Lamé, 010 Jewel Pink, 020 Pink Beige, 033 Jewel Orange, 011 Rose Pink.

The cap is gold, has "Liz Lisa" on the side and the highlight: a pretty rose!

Eye color in 5 colors, also retailing at 2,625yen each with tax.

The inside, it appears to be a powder shadow.
Though the material of the casing :(
Kind of like cheap light plastic, but I cannot be sure without seeing the actual product!
Fancy exterior with intricate swirls and patterns all around.
One thing that bugs me though how "light plastic" it looks...
The rose is pretty though!

010 Sherbet Pink, 011 Fantasy Rose, 020 Nudie Beige, 023 Brown, 970 Shiny Gold

3 cheek colors, retailing at 2,940yen each with tax.

Inside the case.
No mirror on the lid, instead you see the underside of the rose.
Outside casing is ever so princessy!

Left to right: 010 Baby Pink, 011 Coral Rose, 033 Orange

And finally, saved the best for last: pretty pouch and mirror!

The mirror retails for 3,045yen with tax.

Its the fold kind that you can prop up on a table~

The make up pouch retails at 4,095yen with tax. The interior is sooooo pretty!
I love the floral print.
The slot compartments can fit glosses or brushes,
there's a flat zip compartment too,
and of course the main pouch compartment.

Pretty heart zipper and pink lace details!

So what do you think of Liz Lisa's new cosmetics line?

I think the rose is pretty, but sadly it's a tad impractical on the cheek and eye colors. If you're the kind who'd bring them around, the rose might come off in your bag if you're not careful, seeing as how it's just glued onto the top of the plastic cover...Though they'd look great if you want to display them you your dresser! On the glosses they're alright due to the shape, I like the shape! What's bugging me is that the material for the gold and clear parts look like the kind of light plastic that could crack easily...But I don't know, I haven't seen the actual product so I can't make an accurate statement. *crosses fingers* Though for the gold accents I'd rather go for Les Merveilleuses Ladurée...super gorgeous and unique packaging styles! Plus their macarons are my favorite in the entire world~

The pouch is *really* pretty though, the more I look at it the more I want it!
Can't believe I'm still a sucker for pretty pink floral prints^^
Danggit, just when I think I have too much on my shopping list, more things come out (*´д`*)

Anyway, for more images and details you can visit Liz Lisa's webpage for this line!
Or, you can just spend hours drooling over all the other pretty Liz Lisa clothes and bags!


  1. Thanks for the info. I really like their design. So fancy. Makes me just wanna display it. HEHE. I must get my hands on their lipgloss, pouch and mirror!!

    1. @Sachiko ♥

      Me too, I'm lemming the the glosses and pouch so bad! (。>0<。)

      ♥ Karisa

  2. oh my god the packaging is gorgeous and the blushers look beautiful! i'm going to check out the website now thanks for this post

  3. Omg the packaging is super duper cute! I'm so glad you did a post. I never heard of this brand but I'm on the hunt for this now! lol

    1. @Riya~♥
      Do note that they're only sold in Liz Lisa stores! You won't find them in random drugstores or Donkis^^ There should be a list of stores somewhere on their site :)


  4. Wow! This is so cute~ : D : D I would love to buy this!

  5. OMG, this collection is super adorable!! You think there's an online store that ship to Europe??

    1. @Helen♥
      On the left of the Liz Lisa online store site is a button saying something like "international orders/shipping" and "TENSO" (a forwarding company) You can order directly from Liz Lisa and use Tenso to forward to your address in Europe :)


  6. I love the package!!
    Actually,you hope hope nothing less from Liz Lisa XD
    The colors are quite nice also :D

  7. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  8. Missed your regular blog posts :) LOVE Laduree packaging too! Too bad they don't have a counter in Osaka when I visited, on hindsight it was a gd thing. You're right about the Liz Lisa packaging looking a little cheap... and with those prices I'd rather get Shiseido Maquillage...

    1. Hello! :D

      I'm hoping they'll open a store in the Kansai area by the time I go, or I'm considering popping over to Nagoya just to get some stuff...or maybe I shouldn't! Even Jill Stuart glosses cost less than the Liz Lisa ones D:

      How long did it take you to clear immigration, grab luggage and board the train at Kansai airport? Is it possible in 45min?

      I'm going to Fukui right after I land; need to make a lot of train transfers, so a difference of one train affects all the others/arrival time/ticket prices ><

    2. It's really odd they have one in Nagoya and not Osaka though! I miss the pharmacies so much. Must have drove my friend up the wall every time we passed one coz I wanted to go in all the time and then try NOT to buy anything. lol.

      I'm guessing you're arriving in the morning? I got in at 920pm and there was a long queue with other flights coming in at the same time so hopefully yours will be ok.. Managed to get to the train ticket counter abt 1010ish i think... thereafter it'll depend on train timings. was very useful in planning the next day timings for me!

      Totally know what you mean, especially when changing trains with a limited express ticket. Did a change to another train on another platform with a 4min window and half running with luggage. Fun times. hehe.

      There're so many places in Japan I want to explore and I like that you go to the less touristy areas, good for future reference ;) Are you going during hanabi matsuri?

    3. They have a Laduree store (selling patisseries and macarons) in Nagoya so I guess that's why they have it there~ I don't get why they opened one in Sendai though! Hahaha I *have* to enter every pharmacy I walk past, just cos I want to see whether they have anything different from all the other pharmacies! This trip I *will* practice more self-control :P

      Yeah I get in at 825am (assuming no delays!), trying to catch the 916am train, which requires a transfer at Tennouji to get to Osaka, where I have to catch a train to Fukui, which requires 1~3 transfers depending on the train/time/route ><

      Copied a whole bunch of train schedules in case I miss one train/transfer, to see what possible combinations/timings I need to take^^ One thing you can count on is Japanese trains being on time :D Running for trains is thrilling, unless you miss it!

      I'm going for the Kyoto Gion Matsuri (17 July) :D I wanted to go for the Osaka Tenjin Matsuri (25 July) at first, but realized that I can see fireworks during national day, and it's not everywhere that you get to see the Yamaboko floats! I'll be there 11-19 July.

      I like going to nature/scenic places, though sadly I've never been able to go during spring or autumn, which is when all the pretty flowers and changing leaves are! But I also like cities cos that's where all the nice cosmetics are sold :P

      There are so many places in Japan I want to explore too, though that'd have to wait till I have the time and money to do so >< I love Chubu, even though transport is a tad harder to plan cos there are no available passes D:

    4. There's a Laduree at Umeda Osaka ( ♥ their sea salt & rose macaroons) just no beauty, YET!! maybe you'll get lucky in July :)

      If no delays, I think you should be able to get your train on time! Got to agree that their punctuality is the best for planning trips haha. Actually sometimes the less passes available means less foreign tourist buses and a most authentic experience, so I guess that's a gd thing in a way. Will you be traveling alone again?

      I haven't managed to catch a big festival yet, would love to go to see all the fireworks too. Oh you MUST go during sakura season. It's really gorgeous and I would go again and again if I could :) Really gotta be there for autumn too, my previous trips where end sept and end oct due to time constraints lol. I'm thinking Tohoku ;D Nature places are very refreshing for city pple like us, but yea gotta have the shopping too haha! thank goodness for the major city airports sq flies to.

    5. Ooh okay I didn't know they had a store in Osaka :O Been stalking their site since I first tried Laduree in Monaco 2 years ago, been thinking that they only had it in Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan >< Now I know they never update their site! Laduree is my absolute favorite macaron maker! ♥ yum. Still keep the box and shopping bag from my first time hehehe. My favorites are Rose > Vanilla > Coconut!

      Yepp travelling alone again, cos no one wants to come with to obscure places, cos they don't know Japanese or never heard of the place^^ But I kind of enjoy travelling alone in Japan sometimes, no need to play translator and do things for other people so it feels more authentic? Though other times it is nice to go with a group of people! :) I like going to areas less visited by foreign tourists; people automatically speak to me in Japanese and it feels more authentic roaming the streets. Buuuut, transport for that 1.5days makes up over 50% of the total transport cost I'm gonna incur for the whole 10 days :O But it's gonna be worth it! :D

      I've always really want to go during sakura season or autumn! But academic calenders only let me go during summer D: One day I WILL go, it's on my bucket list...multiple entries for multiple cities! ♥ I'd love to go back to Tohoku, with more free and easy time to go around, and see all the other festivals! I'd like to explore Kyuushuu someday, and Shikoku and Chugoku too. But I really want to go back to Chubu/Hokuriku, and spend quality time exploring/re-exploring the whole region^^ ♥

  9. When you go Tokyo again, try out Sadaharu Aoki and Pierre Herme macarons! love them too :)

    It's definitely more fun and a different experience to converse with the locals esp in my half baked Japanese haha! I like how they automatically assume first I'm Japanese until I say I'm not then they'll speak slower lol. Gosh, can't believe how much the cost is that much for you to get to Fukui! Is it by shinkansen?

    Oh man, ok uni schedules I understand. Good luck for exams! (if they're not over yet ;p)

    1. I love Pierre Herme's Ipsahan~ ♥ Will check out Sadaharu Aoki next time! Saw him on TV before, his stuff looked good :D I'm definitely a sucker for pretty and yummy patisseries.

      No Shinkansens run through Hokuriku, though there are plans for them to start in 2014+? The cost isn't getting *to* Fukui (cos I'm picking the cheaper, slower route), but rather *around* ^^ Getting around costs more than getting to/fro Fukui to Osaka... All the places I'm going to are scattered around; so all the trips for each "sight" is $$$. But looking forward to it!

      Haha, thanks, but I'm doing an 22-week internship this sem so while everyone's ending their exams and I've still got 5weeks and a report to go^^

  10. omg i miss PH ispahan... craving now. heh yay for a fellow sweet tooth! :D

    sounds like lots of planning for you, but that's the fun in it haha, looking forward to your travel posts again!!

    頑張って下さい :)

  11. The makeup packagings are really pretty and classy but indeed, maybe they are a bit unadapted to bring them around without getting them broken... Oh God, you're right, Les Merveilleuses Ladurée items are so amazing *-*

  12. Cosme-De sell Good Quality Product products...

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