Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paul & Joe Summer Creation 2012 ♡

Paul & Joe is one of my absolute favorite beauty marques, and it's the only brand whose lipsticks and lipglosses I've consistently been using and finishing and repurchasing ♥ I also adore the gorgeous designs and paper packaging of their limited edition items. Thus I was deeply saddened when the brand decided to pull out of Singapore T_T Yes it can be bought online, but I'll miss the convenience of try-before-you buy, swatching before deciding to buy, and all the lovely and useful GWPs they had!

Anyway, part of their Summer Creation 2012 collection is coming out today~
The theme of the collection is "Midsummer Nights"

I cannot say how much I really really love how the backdrop of all the promo shots!!
Love how they're all so earthy, with all the greens, wood and darker flowers~

They've divided the collection into acts/chapters, sort of like a fairytale :D
Acts 1~3 come out May 1st, Acts 4~Epilogue come out June 1st.

Act 1: FAIRY
The star of the collection, a limited edition shimmering pressed powder.
The color is 001 Midsummer Nights

Though the butterfly imprint will probably come off after a couple of uses, it still looks lovely!
The colors look like they'd mix into a complementary shade.
Retails for 5,250yen with tax.

Act 2: LOVE
Cheek and lip products.

001 Nymph, 002 Nubile, 003 Faune
The blushes come in 3 colors and retail for 2,940yen with tax.
Love the floral imprint!

The lipglosses also come in 3 colors and retail for 2,625yen.

Act 3: MAGIC
The Shimmering Body Lotion is 200ml and retails for 4,200yen with tax.
The color in the bottle looks pretty, like sparkling magical fairy water :P

028 Fairy Queen, 029 Sprite, 030 Pixie
The nail lacquers come in 3 colors, and retail for 1,680yen with tax.
Fairy Queen is catching my eye!

Act 4: DREAM
Eye colors in 3 limited shades and 6 new permanent shades.
(For some reason L'artiste is not in the picture)
Each will retail for 1,890yen with tax.

From afar, I cannot really see much difference in the limited shades,
other than slight difference in color (white, beige, cream),
but I'm guessing maybe it's the texture (matte/shimmer/pearl etc)?
The 3 limited edition shades are: 001 Under the Stars, 002 Love-in-idleness, 003 Moon Beam.

The 6 new permanent shades.
The tone of these colors really tickle my fancy.
They're uncommon and look really pretty~

Blotting paper refill.
Will retail for 420yen with tax.

For more picture and information, you can check out Paul & Joe's website for the collection!


  1. The nail lacquers look so cute!!
    I really love the feeling of these promo pics also >w<

  2. so awesome,love all of it..so cute≧◡≦

  3. wow! i love all colors of makeup *-* very nice blog!