Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blinging accessories, pens and boxes ♥

I think I'm addicted to blinging things! As long as I see remaining crystals in my crafts containers I have this urge to use them up on something...anything...everything! One of my favorite "creations" so far is this pen

It started out as a plain Uniball Style Fit Gel Ink Refill.
I covered it in rows of mostly Eri AB 9, Light Sapphire AB 9 and Silk AB 9.
Ran out of blue-ish crystals so the bottom is Sun AB 9^^

But...it looked too plain! So I cut up an earring; removed the stud part and used the bow, added lots of glue and stuck it on. And then used nylon string and metal rings to affix a blue crystal heart through one of the holes in the bow.

And it's refillable (unscrew-and-refill type) so it can still be used after the ink runs out mwahahahaha!

Hair pins, before and after.
Sun AB 9 and Light Rose AB 12. The center is Fire Opal 30.
I ended up blinging the other one too, to make a pair~

Chopper mini trump cards in a box~
I just had to bling the box cos it looked too plain!
This time I tried adding sweets/cakes deco pieces.
They were 100yen from Daiso for a pack.
Each pack contains 5 different "sweets", and comes with a double-sided sticky backing.

This is the original. It's like a key chain so you can hang it on your bag.
Now that it's all blinged up, it makes a great bag accessory~

Butterfly hair pin, before and after.
Fire Opal 12 and 30, Light Rose AB 12, AB 9.

Another ring and necklace.
Made these right just to match my phone cover!

I don't know why I made so many!
Will be giving away one of these (:


  1. waaa chopper keychain, I love him!!! u watch one piece too?

  2. You have tons of patience! I'd get irritated really quickly :P btw, spotted you in today's life section!:)

  3. @Lina Kim ♥
    Yepp, I loooove Chopper! (Though Zoro's my fav character :P) Yepp I watch One Piece, happily wait for it every week~

    @Adeline ♥
    Hahaha I have no patience for things like sewing but time passes really quickly while blinging! :P Ooh thanks, they told me it was scheduled for next week so I wasn't looking out for it^^

    ♥ Karisa

  4. I really like the pen that you design, it looks REALLY cute, I would so buy it! lol All of your creations are very unique and really pretty. I love bling things!

  5. do you know xiaxue? she blings also and i think after seeing what you guys did, it makes me want to bling my accessories too! i think i'll start with my makeup brushes haha

  6. That pen is so cute! I've always thought about doing that to my pens too but never did because I think it would hurt if I had to take notes with it ><

  7. @Riya ♥
    Thanks~ I don't think you'd want to buy it, the flatback crystals alone cost S$30!^^

    @Hannah ♥
    Trust me, you'll feel happy just looking at or using the things you bling! :D Makeup brushes are one of the next on my list...after I replenish bling supply!

    @suki pooki ♥
    Hahaha it kind of does feel a bit uncomfortable if used too long >< You could always just bling the parts above where you hold your pen~ :D

    ♥ Karisa

  8. Everything looks really pretty ^^ love the first one the most, it looks so pretty and cute :)