Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Piece 海賊キャラ弁当 Book / Mook ♥

The title gives it all away doesn't it :P I've been waiting for this book/mook to come out ever since I saw ads for it a while back, and it finally became available here! It's the One Piece Kaizoku Chara Bentou Book~ (One Piece 海賊キャラ弁当 Book)

It's basically a book that shows a couple of ideas on how to make bentous (lunchboxes) with One Piece themed designs, and it comes with a couple of items to help make the character designs!

One Piece is a hugely popular manga in Japan, it's been running for ~15 years now. The currently airing anime has over 500 episodes, 10 movies and has been on air for over a decade as well. One Piece is also the series when Chopper comes from! Mwahahaha now you know that my obsession with Chopper originates from One Piece!

This is the box containing the "bentou kit",
which consists of items to help make food One Piece themed.

The side is pink!

The front of the box.

The back of the box.
It lists the contents and some precautions to take while using the items.

The top flap of the box has One Piece characters!

This is the actual "book".
It's A4-sized but isn't very thick.

Some ideas on the kinds of food to use when making the different characters
Eg, Zoro has green hair, so you could use broccoli or other greens.

Example of a bentou with Luffy!
When making bentous it's quite common to cut out seaweed to make details (facial features) on a "face" (rice ball, bread, etc). There are quite a few examples and recipes inside the book, including what kind of ingredients to use if you want to get a certain color etc.

The bentou kit goodies!

Luffy and Chopper silicon molds!
Suggested uses include rice balls, jelly, pudding.

Outside of the pink Chopper mold

Outside of the red Luffy mold

Inside of the pink Chopper mold.
If making rice balls, the details like the eyes and cross will not show, that's why seaweed details are used. But if making jelly or pudding, due to the texture the eyes and cross will show (:

Inside of the red Luffy mold.
If using rice, you will not be able to see the hair strands and the face, hence the seaweed details in the example bentou.

Zoro and Sanji cutters/molds/imprinters
I call them cutters cos you kind of use them like cookie cutters to make the shape. But you shouldn't actually press all the way through, just enough to make an "imprint". Suggested uses include on bread, luncheon meat, ham, cookies.

The inside.
You can actually also use these to shape hard-boiled eggs!

The Zoro cutter/mold

The Sanji cutter/mold

Sunny stencil
Place it over something like a plain rice ball, then sprinkle seaweed flakes through the stencil holes to make a Sunny pattern! You could also use it on cakes/cookies and sprinkle cocoa powder, draw icing etc!

Merry stencil

Pirate flags x4
These are made of plastic so they can be reused over and over again.
Just remember to wash them!

The whole set of goodies and the book once again~

Ohohoho I think I've been on a One Piece overload lately and amassing too much One Piece themed items, ohno >__< But One Piece stuff is really hard to get here, don't think it's that popular. Makes me regret not spamming One Piece stationery in Japan because there's none here! :(((


  1. Show us your creations with this set soon! :D

    Also, I was wondering if there is such thing as a Naruto Bento kit? Love that anime.

  2. I love one piece, I remember my little sister purchased most of the anime books and then got into watching it! That's a great set it came with.

  3. I haven't actually read or seen One Piece, but maybe I should give it a try after all? :3

  4. @LTHL ♥
    I'm not too sure as I don't follow Naruto, but I don't think so!

    @Riya~ ♥
    I loooove One Piece, can't believe I never discovered it sooner^^ Wow, there are 63 volumes as of now, that's a lot!

    @Moa ♥
    Yupp, it's really addictive! The more you read/watch it, the more you get hooked~ ♥

    ♥ Karisa