Friday, September 2, 2011

Blinging a phone cover ♥

I got a new phone and the first thing I just haaad to do was bling up the phone cover! I actually bought they crystals quite a while ago, in anticipation for getting the phone.

I originally intended to get a clear hard case, but could only find weird colors and rubbery semi-soft cases with holes. Then I saw a dark red hard case and got it cos there was no other choice, I wanted to find a case asap! But it turned out to be a great choice that matched my color scheme (:

My color theme for it was fire/sun! The Swarovski crystals I used were Sun AB 9, Fire Opal 12 & 34, Sun 9, Light Rose AB 12 and AB 9. (AB is a type of coating, short for Aurora Borealis, the numbers are sizes)

Halfway done?

3 hours and 1,200 crystals later, I ran out of crystals! Had to wait till the next day to go all the way down to Arab Street to get more.

Bought more and after another 2 hours, completion! Compared to blinging my camera, this was a lot easier because I had no set pattern: I just opened the packets of crystal and mixed them up in a little pan, and randomly picked one each time. For the camera I had to pick out certain colors and arrange in certain lines/shapes. Anyway, I love my new phone case! The AB coating gives a more reflective effect~

Still have quite a bit of crystals remaining, and wondering what to bling next! First attempt was a ring


  1. Omg this is sooo pretty! *___* I don't think I have to patience to do this kind of stuff!

  2. i love your phone case! it's so unique ^^ i wish i had patience to do it myself or at least supplies to do it :3

  3. @Hannah ♥
    Thanks (: Getting supplies is a hassle! Especially if while doing it halfway and they suddenly run out ^^

    @Julie ♥
    Thanks~ Time really flies while doing it so I don't really notice^^

    ♥ Karisa