Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aerial Yoga! St. Ives Ambassadors YogaFly

Way back in January, St. Ives was searching for girls to be their first batch of Brand Ambassadors, and since I absolutely adore their Apricot Scrub, I just had to try my luck! Years before I even started using the Apricot Scrub, my family was already aboard the St. Ives ship; in particular my dad had been using their Hair Repair Thickening Shampoo since I was less than 10; its smell is still ingrained in my nose hahaha. Sadly they discontinued that product a few years ago (´Д`) Anyway, this was the picture I submitted! And a few weeks later, I was so happy when I got the email saying I had been chosen~

They organized a little get-to-know-each-other session in the form of a yoga class at UpsideMotion. Not just any yoga class, but YogaFly - aerial yoga! With the help of a stretchy hammock for support, you can do a whole bunch of acrobatic poses and "fly" in the air~ And because there's the hammock to support your weight, a lot of inversion/upside-down poses can be done, which decompress your spine and help alleviate back pain. Plus, it felt really amazing to swing and flip in the air!

Before the actual session I was looking at UpsideMotion's website and Facebook page, and when I saw the pictures of their classes I was thinking, OMG, it looks terribly hard and possibly even painful? But you don't even need any yoga experience to try aerial yoga! Just have faith in the hammock ♪(*´ω`*) And voila, we were doing those actual poses that I had thought were super hard! Needless to say, despite the sweat and initial fear of dropping, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. 

The lady in pink was our instructor for the session, Saniya. She's super cute and really nice! Aerial yoga was so fun, I'd definitely try it again someday. Pleasantly relaxing and great for destressing; my joints felt good and the tension was gone. Though over the next two days my upper arm/thigh muscles ached sooo much...because I'm not a very active person and lead a very sedentary lifestyle (^^") 

I tried regular yoga for the first time last week, it's not as fun as aerial yoga but still relaxing! Found out I'm a lot more flexible than I thought, though I can't bend backward enough to connect the back of my head to the soles of my feet. Gonna try kickboxing soon cos I received a free pass, hope I don't die hahaha!


  1. Aerial yoga looks so fun! I already do regular yoga, but it looks like this is more entertaining.
    You made me want to try it too~

  2. Aerial yoga seems really fun! You make me wanna give it a try =]
    I'm totally inflexible though =[
    I love the smell of the apricot scrub, smells so nice~~!

  3. This looks like so much fun :D I sure would like to try this^^