Monday, December 10, 2012

Shibuya Gals x Dolly Wink Tsubasa Lookalike Contest ♡

So yesterday was the finals of the Shibuya Gals x Dolly Wink Tsubasa Lookalike Contest, and the Billion Yen Gyaru Tsubasa-sama herself came to Singapore to judge it! The contest was to select one of Tsubasa's looks on the Dolly Wink lashes packaging and emulate it. But before the actual contest, there was the press conference on Friday.

Backdrop of the press conference, pretty and pink! ( ´ ∀ ` )
As the 15 finalists we had to come dressed in the look we sent during submission.

Waiting for the media to arrive...they all got goodie bags with awesome stuff *jelly*
Peeked inside and saw Dolly Wink goodies and some of Tsubasa's CDs! (´・ω・` )

Contestants G1~G8.
I was G9 hahaha. There's a break in between us for the podium!

Finally, Tsubasa appeared at the press conference! ♡
Credits to Koji Honpo's FB page for this pic.
Can't believe I was that close to Tsubasa! (I'm the one in white sitting^^) I kept staring at her back as she spoke; it took a lot of willpower to resist taking out my camera to snap a picture! Before Tsubasa left, she shook all of our hands and wished us luck! (♥´౪`♥) 記者発表会で憧れの益若つばさちゃんと握手して、超嬉しくてまだ信じられない! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  

Rehearsals the next morning! This was the stage we'd be walking on later that evening. 
The backdrop has all the new otona kawaii Dolly Wink product images!

What do girls do in a dressing room full of mirrors??

Whip out our cameras for some camera time~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
After a while, it was time for a final run and for the actual event to start.

But before the event started, the three judges came backstage to scrutinize us up close and judge our makeup. Tsubasa went down the line of us one by one, asking each of us the theme of our looks and which lashes we were using. Please don't think I'm creepy but I could not help staring at her as she stood there. She was so close, and her skin is flawless! When it came to my turn she said I made perfect tareme (droopy eyes) *Hyperventilates* So happy to be acknowledged like that!

I totally fail at catwalk, I cannot catwalk if my life depended on it (´Д`) 
Super nervous! I think I get stage fright where my limbs get wobbly, so my only goal was to not fall, trip or stumble. In retrospect, though nerve-wrecking it was a rather enjoyable experience!

After the catwalk/interview round, there was a QnA with Tsubasa. In it, she mentioned that her inspiration for designing lashes was so that all girls can make the eye shape they desire, be it round eyes (marume), cat eyes (nekome) or droopy eyes (tareme), no matter what their original eye shape is. It took about a year to come out with the first line of Dolly Wink lashes, because she draws out the designs herself and has to stick the lash strands on individually on the prototypes to find the appropriate length she wants for the design.

All the finalists plus Tsubasa and other judges.

Best part of the evening: got a pic with Tsubasa after the event! (♥´౪`♥)
Sooo over the moon ♡ ♡ She's really like a doll~
She's so petite and perfect, and prettier in real life than in pictures!

I couldn't stop staring and spazzing, hope she didn't think I was some weirdo! Tsubasa is such an inspiration, juggling all her products lines, her singing career, her son, her magazine/CM appearances, etc. Dolly Wink was the first brand of lashes I really used everyday, and their bottom lashes are still my favorite!

Congratulations to Kelly, the winner of the Tsubasa prize ♡
She could really pass off as Tsubasa's doppelganger!

Jacqueline aka Golly-Locks, winner of the Koji prize~! ♡

Pretty Ariel, winner of the Xiaxue prize~ Love her hair ♡
She self-customized her dress and made her hair bow!

The very youthful Mimiko, whose face totally doesn't match her age!
Her Navana wig looked so real.

Evonne, who was also doing the look from No. 14 Natural Cute.
Her hair is real!

Pretty Peishi~ She's as petite as Tsubasa!
My head looks like a gigantic egg next to hers hahaha.

Ultra kawaii Teru, another petite girl~ 
The waves in her wig were so pretty!

Kawaii Yui and her adorable bunny ears!
One of the first girls I met, during casting. Her hair is real!

Yui, Kurumi and Teru.

One last shot with the mirror before packing up and going home!

Consolation prizes for all the finalists!
Dolly Wink's best-selling lashes No.1 and No.5 in the old packaging!
Two of the new eyeshadows 01 and 02, liquid liner and eyelash case ♡

Overall, it was an amazing night, where I got to meet lots of kawaii new friends and fellow gyaru make lovers~! ♡ Not to mention being able to be within such close proximity to Tsubasa, breathing the same air as her and even taking a photo with her~ (♥´౪`♥) If the world ends on 21 Dec I can die happy having met Tsubasa^^ 

FYI, the renewal series of Dolly Wink lashes with the new promo images will start selling in Singapore next month! The new lashes, 15, 16 and 17 are already on sale in Watsons stores.


  1. OMG you met Tsubasa! She's sooo pretty!

  2. The event appears to be very successful and the fact that you met Tsubasa makes me wish that I was there as well! What a great experience it must have been to have met her. :)

    You, including all the other contestants look uber cute! How I wish I was in Asia right now, people in Europe are not that open to gyaru styles so weird looks will be given when someone wear something out of "ordinary".

    By the way, where did you get your flower headband? I have been searching for one lately!

    1. Actually, Singapore's kinda like that too, people will stare oddly if you walk down the street with blonde hair, fluffy skirts or something different from the "norm" ^^

      It's actually 2 headbands! The white one's from H&M, and the pink one's from Forever 21 :)

  3. Wow everybody looks so cute! And Tsubasa is a real life doll *O*

    1. Yeah they are! ♥ So happy to be around so many kawaii girls :)
      Yepp she is, still can't believe she's so doll-like even in the flesh!

  4. Karisa chan~!!!!
    Yui here~ You blogged!<3

    I love your camera, managed to take pictures of me not looking weird! hahaha. It was so nice to know you. And it was a great night!!! I hope we get to go out karaoke or shopping or high tea some day!<3 Let's keep in touch<3

    1. Yui-chan~! ♥ Hahaha you found me :)
      All your poses look nice, none are weird! I'll upload the photos tomorrow, lazy to tag and write descriptions^^ Yes let's! Love doing all those activities :D

  5. lucky~~!!you looks so pretty~~
    I wish i can see the event too!

    1. Hi Mia Lia,
      Thanks ♥ I hope they have more such events in the future!

  6. please do a review on the pink shadow ^^

  7. OMG! You have an amazing blog.Honestly, I love it. If you have a minute, please visit my blog too. It would be really great if you'll follow it. Happy new year!!


  8. Omg all the contestants look so cute! =]
    And kawaii!!!

  9. NO WAY !!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! >w< I am soooo jelly!!! you get to take a pic with Tsu-chan !!! <3 OMIGOSH !!! so lucky !!!!! <3

    1. Hi Grace,
      Yeah I was lucky to catch her backstage!
      That was my happiest moment of the entire event ♥