Sunday, December 2, 2012

S-one Expo Stuttgart

The S-one Expo aims to showcase the culture, history and food of Stuttgart to Singapore. Held for the first time this year (6th Nov~9th Dec), it features pavilions mimicking iconic structures of Stuttgart, traditional handicrafts, food and a showcase of German automobiles. 

Greeting you when you come in, nutcracker statues!

Christmas tree~
Mini Black Forest in the background, didn't get to go in.


Cuckoo clocks, Kuckucksuhren Schwarzwald!
The expo also showcased traditional crafts like cuckoo clock making.

Each one is handmade and no two clocks are the same!
These cuckoo clocks originated from the Black Forest.

Went there mainly to eat sauerkraut, I love sauerkraut!
Also tried some Swabian dumplings and sausages.

Other than cuckoo clocks, there were also wooden figurines.

Apparently wooden figurine-making originated in the Erzgebirge region and the Black Forest. 

There were gingerbread-making workshops but you have to sign up, and we came too late^^

They also had a lucky draw going on, and the grand prize is a Porsche Boxster.

Schillerhaus pavillion. 
Inside are books and information on Friedrich von Schiller.
The actual building in Weimar is part of a World Heritage Site.

Other than German food, there was also Singapore food.
One of the things you must try in Singapore is Bak kut teh (肉骨茶)

Other must-tries are char kway teow (炒粿条), carrot cake and Hainanese chicken rice!

Pretty decor!! 
Love the white bicycle and bench!


Nutcracker mascot!

Signpost indicating food stalls! 

Profile silhouette cut-out!
There was a guy doing silhouette cut-outs, he'd stop by, take a look at your side profile, and snip snip snip, with one continuous cut and less than a minute, he's done!

With a nutcracker statue.

Pretty wooden decorations~



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