Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween-themed goodies in Yokohama

Halloween is drawing near~! As a child I used to love Halloween...all the crafts, costumes and fun trick-or-treating! Sadly, Singapore doesn't really celebrate Halloween/trick-or-treating, so after coming here I never really felt the "Halloween spirit" or the "Halloween season". Hence I was really glad to have seen so much Halloween decorations and items when I was in Yokohama. Everywhere we went, I saw special/seasonal Halloween-themed items!

 Store display at Bashamichi Ice in Akarenga.
They kind of mixed Halloween and autumn decorations cos summer's ending and autumn's coming!

Some Halloween-themed felt crafts.
Very nostalgic, I miss making all the fun Halloween crafts when I was a kid!

Little candy buckets of jack-o-lanterns, Frankenstein heads and mummy heads! 

Creepy moving hand! 

Halloween-themed candles 

Even Godiva has some Halloween hype~ 

More sweets! 

Outside Donki, there were tons of Halloween goodies, in fact, the whole section outside was devoted to Halloween-themed things! One Piece is obviously very popular, there were even Chopper and Perona sweet packs!

Halloween Haribo! 

Candies in jack-o-lantern heads and more Choppers!
Somehow, during the Halloween season, pumpkin heads suddenly seem really cute.

They had a section for Halloween costumes, and there was even a Chopper costume! 

More goodies and decorations for gift wrapping! 
There were even adorable cards and things for trick-or-treating.

Do you celebrate Halloween in your country? Places in Singapore don't really have much Halloween decorations or Halloween-themed goods (though clubs have Halloween/horror parties etc), and only select supermarkets have a limited selection of Halloween candy :(


  1. this is one of the reasons why i love japan!!!! those great stuff, all the food and all the thema decoration - you can't find that much in germany.

    in the last years halloween is more popular in german but still kind of boring :(

    1. Themed stuff is really fun, helps get you in the mood to celebrate~

      But Germany has Oktoberfest in October right? :DD