Friday, October 5, 2012

Akarenga Redbrick Warehouse 横浜赤レンガ倉庫

Kensington Gardens, a pretty store at Akarenga selling all sorts of floral-patterned goodies! ♡
Someday, I will amass a collection of pretty floral tea cups and cutlery and hold tea parties :) 

If you're looking to shop for unique knick-knacks and special souvenirs, Akarenga is a great place to go ♡

The whole place is filled with stores selling a variety of unique and delightful goods! Originally used as a warehouse for shipped goods, the redbrick exterior has been retained while the interior has been converted into a shopping area. It might be quite a bit of a walk from Minatomirai, but the exterior is so pretty, it's right by the harbor and the items they sell are special, so it's worth it!

Pretty clocks! ♡ I bought one as a souvenir for myself^^ 

 Lovely jewellery stands ♡

Perfume bottles, love the detailing! ♡

Colorful bouncy keychains. 

Bashamichi Ice, an ice-cream store.
They had the cutest Halloween-themed store window! ♡

Montblanc ice-cream! ♡
It's basically vanilla soft-serve coated with chestnut cream, very delicious! 
Montblanc is one of my favorite cakes, so montblanc ice-cream was a must-try for me!

 Halloween goodies on display. The hand moves! Felt kinda rubbery and odd^^

Storekeeper with very unique hair! 

 Chopsticks with unique tops.
Still can't figure out why they're that shape!
Perhaps to use as a fork??


Adorable makeup (blush) brushes!

Rather unique toothpaste in an assortment of flavors curry, plum, banana, green tea...there were over 40 different types!

A clock made to resemble train station signboards! 

 Akarenga at night.

Kiyoken, makers of famous Yokohama shuumai, have a branch in Akarenga. 

I tried their shuumai (3 different types), it was unbelievably scrumptious! 

The shuumai looked very different from Hong Kong/Singapore siew mai, so initially I didn't want to try it. But on the last day I caved cos curiosity got the better of me...SO YUMMY! The skin is so thin and almost translucent, unlike Hong Kong/Singapore siew mai which have thicker yellow skin.

Other than a dine-in area, they also have take-home boxes of Yokohama curry and shuumai.

The annual Yokohama Oktoberfest is held outside Akarenga. 
So much delicious German food!

On the other side of Akarenga is a large open park space that leads to the harbor. 

It's wonderful for a relaxing stroll during the day or night, and you can often see young parents with young kids or rolling prams along the area. It's also a popular spot for couples to go on dates^^

 More Halloween goodies!

More pictures of the pretty floral tea sets and cutlery cos I loved them so much!

I really really regret not getting any teacups, they're sooo pretty! ♡


  1. omg, everything is cute! i'm dying for that floral tea set *-*

    1. Right? I really regret not getting many of the things T_T

  2. really lovely photos. montblanc ice-cream sounds exciting and the chopsticks are very cute.
    xx rae

    1. The montblanc ice cream was cold and delicious! ♥