Monday, October 31, 2011

LE Dolly Wink Mascara+Eyeliner Sets & New Lineup Preview

Dolly Wink has churned out yet another round of limited edition goodies with LE packaging/designs. Round 1 was the lash set + LE purple lash case, round 2 was the eyeliners + LE purple sharpeners, and this time it's a mascara + LE matching liquid eyeliner sets~ I do like the color scheme of these, if only the regular liquid liners were of these designs!

Each set retails for 1,575yen after tax.
Normally, the mascara alone is 1,575yen while the eyeliner is 945yen.
So basically when you get this set, the eyeliner is free, and comes in a limited edition pretty design that matches the mascara tube!

Pink Set: Long Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
This mascara was ranked #2 in 2011 on

Purple Set: Volume Mascara + Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black.

According to Tsubasa, the 2011 F/W Dolly Wink collection of new lashes and eyebrow products is slated to come out sometime in November~! No actual pictures of products yet, but if you look hard enough you can get a faint glimpse of them from a couple of pictures she posted on her blog! A while ago there was a launch event for the media I guess, and that's where the pictures came from. The following 2 pictures are from Tsubasa's blog.

Squint at the bottom right corner! (Original photo)
I *think* it's 2 of the new lashes in the top row,
the brow pencils/brow mascara in the bottom row,
and looks like the purple lash case will be part of the lineup?

Cropped because the rest of the photo was irrelevant^^ (Original photo)
Looks to be the brow pencils, brow mascara and new lashes!

Can't wait to see actual product photos of the new lash designs and brow products!


  1. Omo. I want to buy them both! :O So kawaii!

  2. I love them all! I think Tsubasa is super cute!

  3. I'm stupid excited for her new upcoming line! But now I'm even MORE insanely excited for the next Limited Edition packs!! Even with the overseas markup, the price is ridiculously affordable for what you're getting! I just wish I could find these near me ;( Marukai AND Mitsuwa nearby, but I never seen either of them selling the Limited Edition packs -sigh- If I ever happen to come across these I think I'd have to buy one of each! :O

  4. Wooow I love it, too <3<33<3<3
    Thanks for posting this <3<3<3
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  5. omg, thank you for sharing, I hope they have it at one of the Japanese store over here! I think it would be a great combo!

  6. thanks for sharing i want to try these (:

    CMPang x

  7. @Marion ♥
    I will buy both just for the packaging :O I'll feel happy using the pretty little things~ :D

    @Nana ♥
    And there's something about the products she designs that makes them cute too :)

    @katie ♥
    I hope stores near you will sell them! If not I think there'd be some online places that will sell them, though I'm not sure about that^^ I'm really hoping that stores here will sell them, but if they do I think that'll only be 1 month later :O I'd get one of each too! I love the bright colors!

    @black-sui ♥
    Yay I love them too! Can't wait for the new products to be out...soon!

    @Riya~ ♥
    I hope they sell them at one of the stores near you! The limited edition sets just seem to get better each round! :O

    @Mai ♥
    I want to try them too :)