Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GD&TOP and Seungri at F1

Last week on 23rd September, Big Bang's GD&TOP and Seungri came to Singapore to perform at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix Walkabout tickets for Friday were only S$38, and they were scheduled to perform at 11:10pm. However to access to the area around the stage was limited to 2,000 people, and wristbands to enter the area would be given out from 3pm on a first-com-first-served basis. Needless to say, of course we went there at 3pm to get the wristbands :D

At 11:10pm the deejay kept stalling and playing random stuff and 2NE1 songs. The actual "performance" only started 15 minutes later, with Seungri's solo songs.

There were 2 large screens, one on each side of the stage. The stage was T-shaped, and we were near the tip of the T. Meaning, it's close only if they walk out. Other than that, looking at the screen would give a better view :P

The lights system was awesome!
Strobe lights in many different colors
And the yellow light matched the yellow light-sticks hehe.

More of the pretty lights.

For this shot, I swear Seungri was pointing straight at my bling-ed camera (cos it's really sparkly, especially with the wonderful lighting system) but the over-zealous young girls in front just wouldn't stop waving and banging their light-sticks in front of my camera!!! Hence the yellow blur :( He's looking and pointing at my camera okay!

After Seungri sang VVIP, Strong Baby and What Can I do, it was time for GD&TOP!

Loved their colorful jackets and coats!

They performed Intro, Knock Out, Oh Yeah and my favorite, High High.

Inconsiderate fans brought balloons, which greatly obstructed the view of 10,000+ people behind. Luckily I wasn't behind them! Though my (camera's) view was still blocked by the light-stick girls.

One of the ments during the performance where they introduce themselves and say random things in English. GD does most of the talking though, TOP just says hi!

Ending their talk and performing High High. It's kind of shakey cos I'm just holding the camera out while I look at them^^

Second clip of the High High performance.

TOP hugged GD during the High High performance, awww (:

I really love the lighting and their colorful coats

Then TOP walked over to the tip of the T, *snaps away*

Then GD came over too!


And TOP bent down at one side, the girls there must've been in shock :O

They made good use of the lights and the backscreen.
Charice didn't really use the backscreen so it wasn't as visually spectacular ^^

For the encore, the 3 of them did "How Gee".
Bet Seungri couldn't stand the heat and humidity, so he took of his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

GD probably couldn't take the heat and humidity either, so he took off his colorful coat.

Perhaps TOP could take the sweltering heat and humidity, he kept his jacket on.

GD + TOP + Seungri = awesome day!

The end. It ended 5 minutes early so I think their actual performance was only 30+minutes instead of the intended 50. But, it was a great performance! I hope Big Bang comes to do a full-length concert someday!

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  1. omg, jealous, I wish I could see them! I would take lots lots and lots of pic!