Monday, September 26, 2011

F1 Singapore GP 2011

23~25 September was the weekend of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix!
I loooove F1, it's the only sport I keep up with and like watching

Queuing outside Gate 3 (under the hot sun with 24124 other people) waiting for it to open!
All gates open at 3pm.

Got our fan zone wristbands!
The fan zone is the area around the stage that only people with the wristbands can enter. People without wristbands can only watch from waaay further away, at a distance where good pictures are an impossibility! Wristbands would be given out from 3pm at the performance area. GD&TOP and Seungri were scheduled to perform at 11pm. But the wait was worth it!

Happy and awesome day ahead!

Had to take a picture with this fake "podium"!

Red Bull and F1 merchandise stalls

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes merchandise booth

There was a simulator that the public could try out!

"Fast is amazing." Agreed!

Marina Bay Sands

View from the bridge.

Trying out the LG 3D LCD TV, amazing clarity!
But it would be weird if 3D television became the norm; when everyone watches television they'd be wearing funky glasses and staring at a box...

After getting the wristbands, we exited to feast on Japanese food for dinner^^

Survival kit consists of earplugs and a poncho.
The earplugs were lifesavers!

As much I as adore the sound of V8 engines and being close to the stage where GD&TOP and Seungri will be performing, the sound level is too loud and I'd have gone deaf if not for the earplugs!

Charice performed at 8:30pm, she has an amazing voice!

F1 free practice session 2.

We stood up in preparation for GD&TOP and Seungri's performances, so that other people wouldn't step on us! The dude behind kept photo-bombing my photos :(

VIPs waiting in anticipation!
GD&TOP and Seungri's performance in the next post!

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  1. How cool, looked like you had lots of fun and you look pretty as well! =)