Friday, August 12, 2011

Diamond Lash Diamond Eye Resale

Due to popular demand SBY will start selling the limited edition yellow tray Diamond Lash Diamond Eye again! These were originally sold in April this year, and sold out pretty quick. Due to requests from numerous customers, they're going on sale again~

There's also a special set whereby if you buy the recently released Diamond Beauty Eyelash Fixer and the LE Diamond Eye together, you can get them at 1,575yen instead of the usual 1,890yen.

On its own, Diamond Eye retails for 1,050yen for 5pairs, like all other Diamond Lash lashes

These will only be available at the 4 SBY stores in Shibuya 109, Harajuku, Abeno 109 and Tenjin Core; as well as online through the Diamond Beauty online shop. I've really been wanting these since they first came out in April, but looks like I'm really not fated to get them T_T


  1. I managed to get them last time they were on sale (via the online store), but it's good that they're selling them with the new Lash Fixer. The lashes are really natural yet elegant~

    They definitely did sell out quickly last time! I didn't have money so I had to borrow money from my savings in order to get them :'( I wish I could try their glue, I'm currently using the Eyemazing one and like it but it gets messy at times.

  2. @D~tan ♥
    They look really nice! But I really should ban myself from getting any more lashes, I think I have waaay more than I can use up^^

    How's the Eyemazing glue? I confess I rather like latex-ish glues compared to ones like DUP though the former's not waterproof T_T

    ♥ Karisa