Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dr Jart haul(s)!

Dr Jart official shop on Gmarket: Dr Jart (닥터자르트 직영샵)
I ordered a lot of Dr Jart stuff from Gmarket a while back, partly because there were so many coupons available and Dr Jart was having a sale, so the items ended up quite discounted ^^ This is their official shop on Gmarket, so all products are directly from Dr Jart (ie not 2nd party sellers or suppliers) Shipping is super fast, if you place an order before 2pm, the items reach the Gmarket warehouse the next day.

These were the freebies! (From all 4 orders)

Dr Jart has it's own tape and boxes which I thought was really cool ^^

The first time I ordered from Dr Jart was to get the Silver Label BB Cream.

I'd been using the Black Label and it had finished, so I though I'd get the Silver Label. This was originally 27,000won, but Dr Jart was having 4,600 off that item, and I applied a 10% off Beauty VIP coupon and 10% off Overseas shipping Super coupon, so it ended up 17,000won. Freebies were a Pore Medic mask, Whitening Water Drop 30ml, 2 sachets of the Silver Label BB cream and a 5,000won coupon (which can only be used in their physical stores in Korea, valid till 31 Dec 2011)

To be honest, after using the Silver Label for a few months, I find that I prefer the Black Label, which gives a dewier, more natural finish. Silver Label is a lot creamier and harder to spread, and dries super matte, which magnifies any dry patches. While I do love the good coverage, because of the thick consistency I'm starting to be mehhh about it :(

The second time I ordered I got the V7 series to try out.

I got the Turnover Booster, Vitalaser and Renewal Serum from the V7 line, and the Re-tighten Mask from the Pore Medic line. The Vitalaser and Renewal Serum were selling in a bundle. (Good way to save on coupons! It was already on 10% off, and I used a 20% off Dr Jart coupon and the 2,000won off overseas Super coupon)

The rest were all freebies. Freebies were the Multi-purpose Eyebalm 8ml x2, Silver Label BB Cream 10ml, Black Label BB Cream 10ml, Whitening Water Drop 30ml, Pore Medic Mask x2, Acne-x mask, Water Sure Gel 25ml, and V7 sachet set x2.

V7 series, which contain 7 vitamins (A, B3, B5, C, E, F and H) to nourish skin and "improve skin's youthful quality" with an "advanced regenerating system". Serum is so-so. Vitalaser has an ointment-ish texture. It doesn't smell the best but it helps clear redness.

The Dr Jart V7 Turnover Booster is like a toner to prep skin for absorption. It's thin and runny, comes in a dropper form. It "Balances skin after face wash and keeps moisture locked for moisturizing effect". The black willow bark extract, which claims to calm skin and remove dead skin cells without causing irritation, smells nice! It's quite soothing! And because it's thin, it spreads easily and is easily absorbed. I pat this on after the skin mist, before other skincare.

The Dr Jart V7 Renewal Serum is so-so for me. Nothing spectacular, but nothing detrimental. It contains adenosin which nourishes and maintains firmness in skin. This comes in a pump dispenser and is a clear liquid.

The Dr Jart V7 VitaLaser is a "skin perfecting revitalizer" with a "high performance whitening treatment". This comes in a tube form, it's like an ointment. It can be used as a spot treatment or all-over face cream, I figure might as well spread on whole face! It's not bad, I like it! It reduces redness, and when I wake up I notice that the redness faded, and that my face is brighter and clearer. But because it's an ointment, and with Singapore's extremely humid weather, applying too much makes my face oily when I get up.

Clockwise from left: Turnover Booster, Renewal Serum, Vitalaser.

The 3rd time I ordered I got the Tight Effect Skin Mist and Anti-redness Vitamin-K Serum (I love this!) Can't remember what the freebies were but I think it included at least one Pore Medic mask!

According to Dr Jart, the Pore Medic Tight Effect Skin Mist is an "oil control mist-type toner in powder form with sebum absorption". This has powder bits in it, so shake well before use. Spray 20~30cm away from face and when it dries you'll notice a smooth powdery texture on your face. For me I use it as a toner to clean any residue/dirt from air before applying other products. I spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe ^^ This is alcohol-free, talc-free, paraben-free and chemical-free, and leaves my face feeling clean and soft, I like it and will probably purchase again (or try the Most White Skin Mist!). This was 27,000won, became 24,000won after using a Living/Beauty 2,000won off coupon and 1,000won off Super coupon.

Anti-redness Vitamin-K Serum

Its "Vitamin K liposome components present bright and vitalized skin through prevention of capillary vessel dilation, the main cause of hot flush and redness of skin." This is one of my favorite Dr Jart products! It's a thin yellow liquid that's easily absorbed, without stickiness (: Contains vitamin K, allantoin, hyaluronic acid.

It's thin and easily absorbed, so I stopped using Vitalaser after I got this! I use this before I go to sleep, and when I wakeup the redness (flush from capillary dilation) on my skin is gone (:

The 4th time I ordered I didn't take a picture, so I just took one now ^^

I got the Recover Prebase, Mineral Powder, Acne-X Spot Cover (a concealer) and Pore Medic Peeling Gel. Freebies were a 2011 calendar, Advanced Hand Cream 30ml, Water Sure Gel 25ml, Multi Action Eye Balm 8ml, Most Moist sachet set and Pore Medic sachet set.

The Acne-X Spot Cover is a treatment concealer, you're supposed to use it on blemishes/red spots to conceal and heal. (haha that rhymes!) It's a bit thick and quite dry. Maybe it's just not suited for me in Singapore's weather cos Koreans seem to rate it quite highly.

The Mineral in Powder is blah to me. This contains mica and is talc-free. There are lotsa better mineral powders out there.

From left: Peeling Gel, Re-tighten Mash, Recover Pre-base.

Pore Medic Recover Pre-base. It has a very fresh lemon scent, and makes your skin really smooth after application. It's oil-free, preservative-free, pigment-free and alcohol-free, and is labelled a "preservative-free pore primer" that has "high adhesiveness and long lasting"

This is the Pore Medic Peeling Gel, which "Exfoliates and smoothes skin's surface". Apply to face/skin and rub.

Like any other peeling gel you rub it and dead skin cells clumps together and roll off. But for some reason my face doesn't like this, every time I use it I break out/red patches appear on my skin. I tried it thrice and same problem all three times so guess it's not suited for me, I'm not gonna risk my face anymore!

The Pore Medic Re-tighten Mask is a "Pore and sebum control clay mask", it smells really nice! (to me) Put it on, leave it for 10minutes or until it hardens/dries, then rinse it of. It cleanses your pores and causes all the impurities to surface. This has kaolin clay I think. I love using this, it smells good and my pores feel/look clean after.

These were all the freebies I got from the 4 times I ordered from Dr Jart Lots of sachet sets & masks (1 Acne-x and lotsa Pore Medic of which I've used^^) Multi Action Eyebalm 8ml x3, Whitening Water Drop 30ml x2, Advanced Hand Cream 30ml, Water Sure Gel 25ml x2, Silver Label BB Cream 10ml, Black Label BB Cream 10ml.

Also got a 2011 calendar as one of my orders was near the end of the year. Dr Jart's current spokesperson is Park Hanbyul, actress/model, former eoljjang, Se7en's girlfriend of 7?/8? years. (I think she's really pretty! Even without makeup! )

At the back of the calendar is a bunch of coupons which can be used at their physical stores in Korea, valid till the Dec 2011.

Currently (April) the Gmarket shop is having discounts on most of its items! (: There are also launched new products in the V7 series:
- V7 Beauty Balm, a BB cream with SPF30, PA++
- V7 Relief Vita Drop, a hydrating moisturizer
- V7 Cleansing Foam, which "rehydrates environmentally damaged skin"

Currently if you purchase any of the above 3 you get a free V7 Cleansing Bar Soap (: There are also free gifts with every purchase, as well as additional gift if you purchase over 30,000won and 50,000won. These change every few weeks or so.

I used to buy Skin79 and Lioele from Gmarket 2 years ago, but sadly their shop stopped selling overseas :( Same for Hanskin :( (Skin79 and Lioele I think because they started selling in stores here/the region; Hanskin I don't know, now even their Gmarket shop seems to have stopped/no items for sale) It's a pity cos I reaallly reallly want to try Hanskin's skincare. I loved the old Super Magic Premium BB Cream, the first BB cream I used and finished a tube of!


  1. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII ( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it

  2. Wow Dr Jart is generous!
    Are the freebies tiered or does everyone get the same freebies regardless of how much we spend?

  3. @ Gillion ♥
    It's actually an essence/serum, but doesn't matter how you use it! I love it too :D It's really a "miracle water" :D

    @Sophie ♥
    It's tiered. Usually they have some samples they give every customer, and if you spend above certain amounts (30,000 won, 50,000 won) they'll give more (: It's usually listed on their item pages what they'll give! And they change every 2 weeks or so? (:

    ♥ Kris

  4. Do you know if the ship to Canada? Thanks

  5. @Wendieee

    Hi I'm not too sure. If Gmarket is still not shipping to Canada, then probably you cannot order^^

    ♥ Karisa

  6. hi may i know how can we pay? pay by master? but i dont have korean bank, can pay? how long is their delivery?

  7. @Anonymous

    Hi, you can pay by PayPal or credit cards, it doesn't have to be issued by a Korean bank. Detailed information is readily available in Gmarket's Help Section on Payment Methods.

    Delivery time depends on where you live. Overseas delivery is by EMS, which is pretty fast.


  8. hi,how did u order vitamin K serum cuz i looked up this item, it is not shown in Gmarket


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