Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biore UV Mousse + Watsons purchases

Went to Watsons mainly to get new facial wash as my old one was running out, and ended up with a couple of other things as well (:

4 items. I got the Hadalabo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash Foam, Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek and Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base

Puff de Cheek in Strawberry Macaron!

I should have gotten this the other day when there was a 25% discount, but decided against it, and now there's no more 25% discount when I bought it :( I've been debating to get it for the longest time; I really want it but made a resolution to cut back on buying cosmetics. Anyway, I needed a new blush as my Jill Stuart Blush is totally finished!

And, it's so pretty! I'm a total sucker for cute packaging (shallow!) Strawberry Macaron is a strawberry pink. It was the pinkest of the 3 available at Watsons. But it's not a light baby pink I'm looking for, after I finished my Jill Stuart Mixed Compact Blush in 01 Baby Blush :( Still on the search for a replacement! The other two Puff de Cheeks were a peach and an orange color. It comes with a puff, but I'll probably be using a brush like I do with all my blushes. And I probably can't bear to "dirty" the cute puff!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse Water Base.

What a long name! I got this as I was running out of sunblock, and we all know sunblock's very important in maintaining good skin as most aging is caused by sun damage. Ever seen those photoaging (aging caused by light/sun/UV exposure) posters in clinics? Eurgh a horrible sight! Since Singapore is perpetually sunny, be sure to take care. Like all other facial sunblocks by Biore, this offers great protection with SPF50, PA+++.

I was using the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk, it's lightweight and dries to a smooth, non-sticky, oil-free finish which I really like! Since it's running out, decided to try the new Watery Mousse which just launched here (: There's also a new body/face milk but didn't wanna get that as it's only SPF30. Why settle for SPF30 when you can get SPF50!

The texture of the UV Face Milk is thin and watery. You can see the mousse is firmer. And it has a refreshingly pleasant citrus scent but the smell fades after spreading.

You can't see it but texture-wise, upon spreading the Watery Mousse leaves a soft, moisturized feel, whereas the Perfect Face Milk leaves a smooth satiny feel.

Watson's was having an offer on Hadalabo AHA+BHA face washes, 2 for S$23. Usually the pump one, which dispenses as foam, is S$15.90 each. The tube one, which dispenses as regular wash, is $12.90 each. Previously I'd been using the tubed version. Before that, I was using the Hadalabo Gokujyun face wash. (Really leaves your face feeling soft and clean, not the squeaky stripped-of-oil feel but a soft feel!) I'd wanted to get this after I finished my AHA+BHA tube, and lucky for me there's this offer!

Dispenses as fine, light foam. I'd wanted to get this as foam can cleanse deeper into pores due to the smaller particle size. Lathering wash by yourself can't get the particles to that small size.

This is my almost finished tube of Hadalabo AHA+BHA face wash.

Thick creamy wash. I love Hadalabo!

Recently a whole new bunch of Hadalabo products launched in Watsons, haven't gotten round to getting them yet. There's a lip moisturizer (S$10.90), facial mist, refill pack for the hydrating lotion (S$18.90), and cream.

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