Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anessa Face Sunscreen BB SPF50+ PA+++

Because my Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB was almost finished, I started trying the Anessa Face Sunscreen BB which I bought in Yokohama last September. I can't believe I took so long to start on it, just one use and it became my current favorite BB cream!  

Anessa is made by Shiseido, and is famous for their sunscreens, which have ranked high on cosme.net for many years. I initially wanted to only try the sunscreen, but while I was in Donki I saw the BB cream next to it and thought, why not try it out, since I haven't tried many Japanese BB creams other than Hadalabo's.

I love Donki, because I can spend hours browsing the cosmetics section^^ Lots of items are discounted too, for example the sunscreen was about 1790yen, while the BB cream was 2000yen. The retail price is around 3150yen for the sunscreen and 2520yen for the BB cream. Anyway, I had to try both  

There was a promotion for the sunscreens, whereby there was an extra mini 12ml bottle of a different sunscreen. I got the Perfect Essence Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++, and it came with a mini bottle of the Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++. (I just checked their website, in February 2013 a new formula has been rolled out for all the sunscreens, they now offer PA++++! Even more sun protection, hurray~)

The Too Cool For School BB cream had no SPF, so I'd always use the Perfect Essence Sunscreen under. It's my favorite sunscreen, because it's very fluid like essence/serum, non-sticky and is easily absorbed. I haven't tried the Perfect UV one, though it's recommended for activities like sports, going up the mountains/going to the sea, and it's waterproof too.

Onto the BB cream! I like how the underside of the cap is solid instead of being empty like most screw-cap cosmetics. There's 30g of product and its main function is actually to act as a suncreen. There are two colors - Light and Natural - but at Donki I only saw Natural, so that's what I got. The Anessa Face Sunscreen BB is actually more like a tinted moisturizer than a BB cream, with high sun protection.

Ingredients and benefits.

Main benefits:
★ High UV protection - protects delicate skin against sunburn and sun damage
★ Moisturizing - contains hyaluronic acid and collagen
★ Covers pores
★ Corrects skin tone
★ Can be used as a make up base or as a foundation
★ Resistant to sweat and sebum

Oiliness test.
It's very non-oily, which works great in Singapore's humidity.
It's also very light, so my face doesn't feel like it's smothered by cream :D

I don't know what to call this test, but just wanted to show that it doesn't "melt" or fall off after contact with the environment, or that the more liquid components won't sink to the bottom and cause the blob to fall off the paper?

Consistency test.
It's lightweight and very creamy, but spreads easily and blends into skin without difficulty.
I have a preference for creamier BB creams, because for me thinner BB creams tend to streak...

The Anessa Face Sunscreen BB is actually a lot darker than most BB creams I've seen, but over time it blends into my skin. The main function is to act as a sunscreen, and it's made to have a "natural" color. Despite claiming to be more for sun protection than makeup, the BB cream's coverage is medium and is buildable, and it's pretty decent at covering redness and evening skintone 

The BB cream dries semi-matte, which is my preferred type of finish  ε(๑^ᴗ^๑)з

When I use this I do not top it off with loose powder, because it sets pretty well. And after 10hours of wear it still stays in place, and doesn't melt or streak. For me, this is a great BB cream, perfect for Singapore's humid weather. It's also lightweight, blends very well and looks natural, and the finish is semi-matte and non-oily ♥ 

I have combination skin and live in extremely humid and warm weather, and I really like the texture of this BB cream. However, for people living in temperate climates of have dry skin, I think you might find this a bit drying?


  1. my favorite has been Elizabeth Tenshihada's angel bb cream because it was the only one that wouldn't break out my face! (Dr. Jart silver label is TERRIBLE for my skin) :c it's so hot here in Miami too, so I will definitely have to try out this bb cream ^^

    1. Dr Jart's Black label was one of the first BB creams I used (along with Feverlet, Hanskin and BRTC in 2008), I'm on my 3rd tube now :D Silver label was okay for me, though a bit dry! Still searching for "THE ONE" ^^

  2. Still searching for a BB cream that wldn't melt in this humidity =[ My favourite sun block is the bright face milk by Biore, though I'd like to try Anessa one day =]

    1. I'm still searching too (´Д`) I really like Biore's Perfect Face Milk, though now I like Anessa's more! ♥

  3. Thanks for the lovely review! I love how you did the oil test!

    1. Haha thanks, I like to know how oily products are because I have combi skin and too oily=not good ><

  4. Hahaha hi kris! Gin's dad got me the anessa bb cream too and I started using it a few weeks ago. AND I ADORE ITTTTT TOOOOOO. it's like tcfs bb cream with sun protection haha.

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