Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shibuya Girls Runway ♥

The Shibuya Girls Runway was a fashion show featuring the Spring/Summer 2013 collections of Dip Drops, rosebullet and LOVE BOAT, organized by Onward Kashiyama. The host for the evening and his very...interesting costume.

Shibuya Girls Runway, featuring Dip Drops, rosebullet and LOVE BOAT. 

Show started with Dip Drops. Lots of denim in their collection.

Followed by LOVE BOAT. Love the mix of black x striking florals!

More from LOVE BOAT.

Finished off with rosebullet. Love all the feminine colors and details!
The sleeves, the cut, the materials...♡

 More from rosebullet.

My favorite outfit from the entire show, the final one by rosebullet!
There were more outfits, but I couldn't capture them all/ some were blur... 

From the catalog, some items from Dip Drop's new collection, lots of pretty pastels, florals and denim~

The theme of rosebullet's Spring/Summer 2013 collection is "Dreamy Marble Land".
Like Dip Drops, it also features lots of lovely pastels, florals and denim!

Door gifts for the event, came in the envelope on the left. Two mousepads, one pretty pastel one from Dip Drops and another from rosebullet.

LOVE BOAT just recently launched in Singapore, while rosebullet and Dip Drops have been around for awhile. LOVE BOAT is a Shibuya 109 brand! It's great that more 109 brands are coming to Singapore, like EMODA, Spiral Girl and Peak&Pine, though none of my favorite brands are here yet! Hope that maybe one day Liz Lisa, oneway, Lip Service, rienda or Egoist will come to these shores too...


  1. love shibuya! and hop I can visit soon <333

    how about following each other?

    greetz, lenie

  2. Pastels are my fav for spring =]
    Never knew there are such events in Singapore! =[