Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[CLOSED] Eyes Eyes Eyes Giveaway ♡

Giveaway time, this ones's mostly for the eyes~!

Stuff to help you achieve bright, stand-out eyes; unless you already have them :P

Things included are:

Dolly Wink lash set
- 1 pair of #9 Natural Dolly
- 1 pair of #10 Sweet Cat

I'm reaaaaally loving #9, it's extremely natural whilst still having some length and isn't too sparse!

Mixed pack of lashes containing (top to bottom) 1 pair each of:
- Eyelabo Cute Princess 002
- Diamond Lash Celeb Eye
- EyeLabo Sexy Doll 002
- Diamond Lash Cute Eye (lower lashes)
- EyeLabo Cute Princess 002

Celeb Eye is one of my current favorites, it's not too densely packed or tightly bunched and doesn't have spikes, being more "natural" than most other Diamond Lash lashes. But it has length and I really like the spacing of the strands! Sexy Doll 002 is another one of my favorites, because of the spacing and how the bunches aren't spiked~

Dejavu 24H Lasting-fine Eyeliner

Nothing defines eyes more than eyeliner. Face it, eyeliner instantly makes your eyes look sharper, bigger and makes them stand out more, right? While I love K-Palette's Real-lasting eyeliner pen for the upper lid, I much prefer softer, pencil liners for the lower lash line/waterline because of the smudgeability. That wee little bit of smudging gives a semi-smoky look and gives eye more of a pop that eyeliner pens or liquid liners do, don't you think so?

- Loujene lash case
- D.U.P. Eyelash Fixer EX 552 Clear Type

Love the Loujene lash case, the interior has 2 compartments - one for upper lashes and one for lower lashes, and it has a mirror under the lid too! It's big enough to fit multiple pairs of lashes, but small enough to be portable. The D.U.P. lash glue is amazingly waterproof, lashes definitely stay on.

Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara in Pure Black

Though I stopped using mascara for my upper lashes after discovering false lashes, I know some people like to use mascara to "blend" their real lashes with the false lashes. (Lucky people and their real lashes, my short sparse lashes are really hopeless, hence false lashes are my new real lashes!)

- Foodaholic 3D Wormwood Mask
- Love More Scotland Rose Crystal and Tourmaline Peptide Moisturizing Duo Lifting Mask
- My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Mask,
- Love More Japan Izushima Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening Mask

The Foodaholic Wormwood mask is one of my all-time favorite masks; I love the smell (somewhat soothing, like lavender but more masculine?). The Scotland Rose Crystal and Tourmaline mask has a chin flap and ear hooks, so it kind of "lifts" your chin whilst you mask; real fun to use though I'm quite sure the "lifting" is only psychological! The MBD Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Mask is quickly becoming a new favorite, it smells yummy, like tea!

Angelica compact dresser mirror

It's pink and has pretty motifs and patterns on both the front and back. You can rest it on the lid to make it stand on a desk/flat surface, or you can use it in one hand when on the go.

Details at the back
(The mirror is unused, I just took it out of the box to take a picture)

Set of 10 Japan postcards
Designed by a friend :)
My faves are the center one with the trees and the one with fireworks!

Things to note about this giveaway:
- Open worldwide
- One entry per person
- Closes Saturday 21st April 2012, 2359pm/GMT+8
- Winner will be chosen randomly

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