Friday, November 4, 2011

One Piece x Hello Kitty ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

Most girls love Hello Kitty.
Most girls love Chopper. (Most girls' favorite character from One Piece is Chopper. Mine is Zoro, Chopper's 2nd! But as a mascot and on stationery/collectibles, I prefer Chopper! ) When you mix them together, you get a super cute collaboration set of items! I can't decide who's cuter, Kitty Chopper or Chopper Kitty?

I first found out about the collection after seeing this from Japan's Seventeen magazine. Next month's issue comes with a One Piece x Hello Kitty pouch! I must remember to get that issue, it comes out 1st December.

Anyway, turns out that Sanrio was releasing a series of One Piece x Chopper goodies! The series launched yesterday, 3rd November, but most of the items on the Sanrio webstore are sold out already :(

Plush dolls!
In various sizes, there are keychain forms too!
But I already have my Chopper plush from the UFO catcher,
he still keeps me company every night so I've no room for another Chopper!

Stationery like post-its, notebooks and files. And a mirror!

More stationery like a letter set and clips to hold paper.
Miscellaneous things like hair brush and earphones (I want these!)

Plus lots of other goodies like keychains, pouches of various sizes, tissue box covers, pillows, bedroom slippers etc! There are more items not pictured here like tote bags, towels, T-shirts, ballpens and pencils! And an Iphone 4 cover to be released 7th December. I don't/will never use Apple products so that doesn't concern me! :P

Since these are produced by Sanrio, I do hope this collection will make its way to Singapore!


  1. Woww this is so cute!!! I love hello kitty and choppper the best too!

  2. So cute. They swapped hats! :D

  3. hello kitty love! :)

    just wanted to say thank you for your map on harajuku. it was a big help on my trip there last week! ♥ paris kids & momo!!

  4. awww... really? that's how fast they are sold but hav you tried PIJ yet? heard they have lots of stock. actually saw the hello kitty x one pieceitems on the sanrio site itself. and i have my eyes on that very cute brush! lol

  5. @Nana ♥
    Yay, Hello Kitty x Chopper ftw :D

    @Katherine Tealeaf ♥
    Super cute! After the 2 year timeskip Chopper's hat isn't so cute anymore, and they recently reached the skip in the anime, so I think we won't see merchandises of the pink hat for much anymore :(

    @Adeline ♥
    Glad it was of help~ :D The weather must've been awesome!

    @cLaire ♥
    It's all sold out on the Sanrio site/webstore. (the words in the grey circle mean sold out ><) I'm waiting to see if the Sanrio Giftgate stores here bring this in...if not then too bad :(

  6. Karisa, dear, I do think that PIJ still have stocks cause I just ordered from them and yes they said they have stocks. Try this link: good luck :)