Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its' Demo nail goods mini haul ♥

Chanced upon a cute little store called Its' Demo while walking (hobbling) in Central Park in Nagoya. This was one of the few stores I was able to go to that wasn't a souvenir shop or conbini^^ Got a whole bunch of nail goodies for a bargain!

Pretty heart-shaped cookies that have "thank you" (arigatou) printed on them!

Lots of cute biscuits and confectionery..
Also sells cosmetics!
Spotted the LE Dolly Wink Liners~

They had nail goods sets on offer, and what a great offer it was!
525yen per box of goodies!

Inside my first box, a box of pa goodies. pa is a Japanese brand that sells mainly nail goods, and all their goods are of great quality~ One sticker sheet alone is ~300yen, and the polishes 380yen, see how how much value the set has! All this for 525yen

Rose stickers, really pretty

White flower and butterfly stickers

Three bottles of polishes, mint, pink and gold!

Two bags of flat-back stones/pearl finish studs

Jar of pretty glitter~

Actually there are 4!
Though the other colors are a tad weird...but who's complaining!

Also got another box, not pa but just random assorted nails goods ~

This was what was inside~
Also 525yen for the whole box!

5 sheets of nail stickers

Pretty PINK HEART-shaped toe separators~

Sheet of red+white stickers

3 packets of little detail goods

Emery board and buffer

And a packet of beads.

I should've gotten more right!^^ By the time you read this I'll be on the way to Tohoku for the Youth Ambassador for Tohoku program. Right after coming back from a week in the mountains, I'm off to Tohoku~! Excited, though my sleep debt just keeps getting bigger...


  1. The nail goods are so nice! I'm so tempted to get them too if i see them around ;'D
    Hope you have a safe trip too
    and in fact i'm leaving for tokyo next week, let's all have a safe and fun trip~

  2. @chenyee123
    Yess, it's such an amazing deal :D
    Enjoy your trip to Tokyo~!

    ♥ Karisa

  3. where exactly is this store? I'm here in Nagoya and I've been looking for it.

    1. Hello! This one that I went to was at Nagoya Central Park, the underground walkway linked to Sakae station, level B1. Hope that helps! ♥