Friday, July 29, 2011

New Spring Heart Lashes

New lashes just seem to be popping up everywhere~ Now it's Spring Heart's turn. Known for making more "natural" lashes, this time they've gone for a slight change to produce thicker, more dramatic lashes. The new collection comprises of 4 lash types, #11~#14, with each pair retailing for 399yen; and coming with a tube of lash glue. Lash bands are all black though!

This is the new packaging, it's more flashy in its decoration?

The old packaging for #1~#10.

Eyelash 11 Gorgeous Volume
Sweet big eyes for a celeb look ♥

Length: 4/5
Thickness: 4/5

Eyelash #12 Dynamite Volume
Impact for bright eyes ♥

Length: 4/5
Thickness: 5/5

Eyelash #13 Glamorous Long
Horizontal emphasis for a grown-up look ♥

Length: 5/5
Thickness: 3/5

Eyelash #14 Sexy Rich Long
Koakuma spikes for a sexy look ♥

Length: 4/5
Thickness: 4/5


  1. These lashes look so nice! I wish it was easy to get them here, if I want them I probably need to order them off Ebay T_T

  2. The new packaging is so pretty! But I actually bought no. 7 + 8 yesterday and it was the same packaging. GETTING 11 NEXT TIME!! gorgeous :)

  3. @suki pooki ♥
    I wish it were easy to get things like these in Singapore too :( I usually have to get them off the internet or wait till someone I know goes to Japan T_T

    @Ellie ♥
    Ooh, so I guess they changed the packaging for all they manufacture after a certain date^^ Cos I still the the old packaging for #1~#10 while in Nagoya, guess it was older stock!

    ♥ Karisa