Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First ♥♥

First order from Gmarket, lesson learnt: online shopping is very addictive!

Necklaces, masks (100!), lipglosses, hair accesories, diary, ziplocks, dress. It's not really a lot right? :P

The big 8kg box that came in the mail. I felt like a little child opening presents on Christmas day ♥ Pop-pop-pop goes the bubblewrap when you play with it!

After taking everything out. I must say I really love the pink dress (in the corner)! The seller is여우plus on Gmarket. This one's called Monaco Satin, cute name! It's floral and really light in material ♥

G's haul!

Ahem, we ordered 100 masks each from purederm . I also got 2 boxes of VOV washoff masks (the uber cute smaller bottle shaped ones!)

3 rather well made necklaces from Nymphet. 3,900won each! The earrings and silver ring necklace were freebies.

2 VOV Showcase glosses and HELLO KITTY from Etude House! The hand cream has a yummy citrus smell, and the gloss has a delish strawberry scent. The charm of Hello Kitty holding a lipstick is just too cute! Really can't bear to use them! The post-its were a freebie from Etude house, they're lovely to use ♥

Ziplocks from soboro. This is Airmail Pack Ver 1, it was 5,500won. The ziplocks all have adorable illustrations of clothes, shoes, postmarks etc and are perfect for organizing luggage while going on a trip! They come in 5 different sizes and there are a total of 14pcs altogether. Also comes with 2 pvc cases with 3 compartments useful for storing small accessories like earrings, rings etc.

Mini ziplocks from the same seller! This is Airmail Pack Mini and costs 3,800won for 21pcs in 5 different sizes. These are colorful and come with sheets of stickers for labelling ♥ They come in an adorable triangular box and are useful for organizing and storing toothbrush/toothpaste, pencils/stationery, money/cards, jewellery, mp3 player, camera battery etc while going on a trip too! ♥

Also got a diary which came with free 20 sheets of stickers! (seller was having promotions of sorts I guess?). Got hair accessories as well, I love ribbon bows! Actually ordered another haul a few days ago, should be reaching by this Saturday! Till then~ ♥♥


  1. Hello! The ziplocks seller link is broken. You think you can list me the new one? =x Thankyou !

  2. @Anonymous ♥
    Hi, if you couldn't tell, I bought from the seller over 1.5 years ago. If the link's changed, I wouldn't know yeah? I've listed the seller's name, if you simply tried typing that into the search bar, results show that the ziplocks can be found here. kthnxbai :)

    P.S. There are lotsa other (newer) designs available now, happy shopping! :D

    ♥ Karisa